Month: April 2017

Change In The Schedule

Due to the fact that Monday is a public holiday, Round 6 of the league has been shifted to Thursday for this week. Please check the fixtures on the homepage to avoid any disappointment.
We hope you enjoy the long weekend and look forward to seeing you next week!

The ‘Substitute Law’!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Swiss Markets101Loss
XM 2134Win

Swiss Markets vs XM2  1-4

Both teams are showing a great improvement in the league and that is very clear as the weeks go by. It was an evenly split game, with both teams having one good half each. Swiss Markets started the game well, were the better side and lead the score with Costas Ioannides scoring. XM2 substitutes played a major role in turning the game towards their favor. In the second half, XM2 played better and deservedly won the match. Yiannis Zittis and Vasilis Koudounas with his hattrick played a major role in this win.

A Comeback With A Statement!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Columbia vs BDSwiss  5-3

Columbia had to win to stay within reach of league leaders Exness, ahead of their encounter next week. But they were up against a very strong sided BD Swiss, who started the game brilliantly and lead the score by 2-0. It was a very slow start for Columbia who had to up their game and reaches their usual high standards in order to win this one. BD Swiss gave up a strong fight and played one of their best games, but Columbia made a big comeback in the second half, stealing the 3 points. 
Stelios Kalopedis and Marios Nicolaou played well for the winning side, both scoring twice, while Antonis Antoniou and Alex Evans did their best for BD Swiss.

All Out Attack!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Xm 1 vs RCB  7-3

RCB had a good start to the game, leading and having a post to make it 0-2. Instead, it was XM1 who scored and made it 1-1. It was an even game, with both teams clearly showing their intentions to attack and not to defend! XM1 started the second half better and RCB couldn’t keep up with their pace. Goals kept on coming for both teams and finished at 7-3. Clearly a day for the strikers to treasure and the goalkeepers to forget! Very good game from Christos Barris and 4 goals from Zacharias Chalkias ensured that XM1 got the win, while Farah Habib and Lefkonokiatis Andreas really tried for RCB.

Toughest Game Of The Night!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option011Loss

Exness vs IQ Option  3-1

A true strategic encounter as the two teams went head to head in this game. Both started the night protecting their defense and respecting their opponents’ attacking powers. The defensive mindset broke after the first goal, and it was then where we saw the true identities of the two teams. There was a lot of tough challenges, but Exness had goalkeeper Sergey Tsaplin on a great night, and Ivan Parasidis playing well and making sure their team stayed top of the table. IQ Option is improving week by week and only time will tell how high they can go! Captain Joan Lopes and Aleksei Zaitsenkov were the players to stand out for their side.

The League Resumes Once Again After The Easter Break!

At last, the wait is over and all teams are ready to go! A week off was too much and we hope you all enjoyed yourselves and got a good rest!
Now it’s time to head back in your football kits and give it your best for the remainder of the season. Exciting fixtures at either end of the table this week, as we are heading into Round 5.

We look forward to seeing you all on Monday!

Exness Machine Drives To Top The League After Brave Display From Both Sides.


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

BDSwiss vs Exness  3-7

The early league leaders Exness taking on a brave BDSwiss team who despite the score line 3-7 put in a better fight than it seems.

Exness took an early 1-0 lead, but BDSwiss Chris Papageorgiou hit a great equalizer from a powerful left foot free kick blasting through the Exness wall to make it 1-1!

You can see why Exness is top of the league though and with some very organized and slick passing they totally took over the game from here.

They out passed the BDSwiss side in the second half and they are both powerful, organized as well as individually talented with good team combination play.

They produced some great team goals and worth mentioning Denis Paradis excellent turn and control in one movement as well as cool finish, and his second for the day a classic “Toe Poke” finish stand out! And of course the great passing for the two goals finished off by Alexandr Fitiskin.

Although Alex Evans woke up late in the game with 2 great goals for BDSwiss.

Exness remains the team to beat in the league and will now bear the favorite jersey going into round 5 and beyond.

FX Giants Vs Shipping Giants A Stormy Affair.


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

XM 1 vs Columbia  2-4

In the most heated display of the round XM and Colombia battled until the end with Colombia through some very organized team play and some great individual efforts from Marios Nicolaou and Stelios Kalopedis grabbed the 3 points in the end.

XM 1 started the game best though with Christos Asprou leading the way. He produced a great run and shot to make it 1-0. Colombia’s Yannis Shittas who despite not scoring always posed a threat, and Stelios Kalopedis who had a good game, combined well and also hit the post.

However, Demetris Kolanis made it 2-0 in a great and explosive counter attack.

Perhaps XM 1 fell asleep a little as Colombia took advantage and with a quick reply made it 1-2 and continue the comeback with Marios Nicolaou scoring two good goals either side of half-time.

Colombia then kept things very well organized and tight and through some good defending saw out the game with an impressive 4-2 win over a physically strong XM 1 side.

Goal Of The Round As RCB Proves Too Strong.


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Swiss Markets123Loss

RBC vs Swiss Markets   5-3

Swiss Markets started sharply hungry to record their first win with some good efforts from Costas Ioannides left foot who possess for sure one of the strongest shots in the league. Notably, Stefanos Mitsi (perhaps the only CEO) competing in the league drove his team on with great passion and desire.

Swiss Markets deservedly took an early lead through some good team play and a great one two and Costas Ioannides scores.

RCB was just getting started though and quickly woke up. Scoring a quick equalizer. In the second half, the continued and put on a great display with a nice goal from Ellinas Philopimin after a lovely turn and placed shot. And followed up with arguably scoring the goal of the round with a great long pass from defense and hitting a great first-time volley giving goalkeeper Vassos Demetriou no chance!

Two goals from well performing Pablo Millan didn’t help Swiss Markets as RCB have a stronger team than the league table displays and game finished 5-3!

Competitive Draw As Vasilis Koudounas Goes Top!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option303Draw
XM 2123Draw

IQ Option vs XM 2   3-3

In a great competitive encounter between IQ Option and XM 2 we saw some great individual displays from Yiannis Zittis and perhaps the best centre-forward in the league Vasilis Koudounas.

But it was IQ Option that’s started best and took an early 2-0 lead after some great team play and two goals from Christoforos Andreou.

XM 2 fought back and through some excellent combination play from Yiannis Zittis and Vasilis Koudounas scored to make it 1-2.

Joan Lopez from IQ Option had a quick reply though and some nice team play led to a nice goal and a 3-1 lead at half time.

In the second half though Koudounas added another 2 great goals one left foot curler in the top corner and another from a clever through pass from a free kick again provided by Zittis and coolly finished by Koudounas who grabbed the hat trick and MVP and really looks like a complete center forward and now tops the goalscoring chart for the league with a healthy 8 goals in 4 games!

Whereas IQ Option, a late entry to the league have shown everyone what a solid and well-organized team they are.

Round 4 Under Way!

After a fascinating end to Round 3, all eyes are set on Round 4. The league table is slowly starting to shape up, and the teams are looking to be more prepared now. Exciting fixtures coming up, with leading sides Columbia and XM 1 going head to head. RCB will face Swiss Markets as both teams will fight for their first points. XM 2 will play against IQ Option in an interesting match while BDSwiss will try to break Exness’s unbeaten record.

Good luck to everyone!

Update In Regulations Of The League.

Dear participants,

According to our league’s rules and regulations, and specifically part VII. point no.8, company Sogofootball has the right to implement or adjust new rules during the course of the league.

After several complaints, and in our attempt to keep our league strictly an amateur league, we would like to inform you that from today (05.04.2017) we will implement the following rule:
An individual who has participated in any football professional league can not participate in our Sogofootball Business League for 5 years after their last professional game.

At this point, we would also like to inform you that fair play and sportsmanship behavior is expected from all participants, and we would like to see the shaking of hands between opponents, referees, and organizers at the end of each game.

Remember that this league is all about having fun and not solely about winning!
We wish to be a “Gentlemen Elite Business League”

We look forward to seeing you in the Round 4,

SoGoFootball Team

Passion, Strength And Skills.


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Exness vs XM 1   5 – 3

What an encounter between the two sides! An evenly matched game with both teams giving it their best for the win, that would leave them top of the table. After a tough game, it was Exness who earned the 3 points. Andreas Karakannas and Christos Asprou stood out for XM1, while Denis Parasidis and Tornike Aptsiauri played well and scored the goals for Exness. 


Great Suspense All The Way Till The Final Whistle!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option303Draw


Columbia vs IQ Option 3 – 3

Columbia had to win this game to stay top of the table but IQ Option had a different opinion. A very close game with strong tackles ended all square, to give us our first draw of the season. IQ Option players who stood out were Aleksei Zaitsenkov and Joan Lopez, while Columbia had Yannis Shittas and Stelios Kalopedis take a major part in their big comeback.

Strong Defensive Strategies.


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
XM 2235Win
XM 2 vs RCB   5 – 1
XM 2 and RCB are two teams that are constantly showing an improvement in their style of play. XM 2 took advantage of their shooting accuracy and won their second consecutive game. RCB had Mishushin Dmitry and Vatyliotis Andreas put up a good performance, while XM 2 had Konstantinos Antrellis and Antonis stand out for their team.


An Open Game With Lots Of Action!



Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Swiss Markets224Loss

Swiss Markets vs BDSwiss 4 – 7

The teams showed great energy to play nice, attacking the football. Lots of goals and plenty of highlights for both sides, but BDSwiss was the team to smile in the end with their first victory in the league. MVPs for BDSwiss where Chris Papageorgiou and Alex Evans, while for Swiss Markets it was Michael Michaelides and Hugo Coelho. 

All Teams Fired Up For Round 3

Many important games to be held this week. The round starts with two games at 19:45 on Monday when XM2 faces RCB and a battle within the walls for BD Swiss and Swiss Markets as both seek their first points. Columbia will try to remain top when they play IQ Option at 20:45 on the same day. The round will finish on Tuesday when joint leaders XM1 and Exness go head to head in an interesting fixture. Good luck to all teams! 

Another Hat-Trick

Another Hat-Trick


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option246Win


IQ Option vs RCB Bank 6 – 2

It was all to play for when RCB met IQ Option on Friday night. Since both teams lost their first game, they had a point to prove. From the very beginning, it felt like it was going to be an evenly matched competition. IQ Option had more shots on target, having Aleksei Zaitsenkov score the hat-trick and Petrov adding another 2 for his team. RCB had scorer Habib Farah and goalkeeper Maxim Pepelyaev on a good day, who also recorded an assist.