Month: May 2017

RCB Are Back!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
XM 2033Loss

RCB vs XM 2  5-3

At a pre-match glance, we were up for an interesting  game since the two teams appeared at the stadium with their best players absent. XM 2 top scorer Vasilis Koudounas was out due to suspension and goalkeeper Maxim Pepelyaev was absent for RCB Bank. 

XM 2 came to the game with only 5 players, and RCB took advantage of that starting the game very well. The match looked to be finished just after the second half had began when RCB went up 4-0 but XM 2 hadn’t given up just yet, making it 4-3 and setting fire to the game! Another goal from MVP Philopimin Ellinas made the final 5-3 and unfortunate XM 2 had no energy left to turn things round.

The second victory of RCB was sealed and now they look to build on that. XM 2, on the other hand, will quickly want to forget this game and certainly will look forward to the return of their scorer for the next game.




Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option000Loss

IQ Option vs Columbia 0-5

A highly anticipated game between two very good sides. Lots of people thought that IQ Option had the quality to break the winning streak that Columbia has enjoyed. 
For the first 10 minutes it looked like, they were right, as the teams enjoyed a balanced encounter. But it all turned upside down as Columbia scored goal after goal, finishing IQ Option’s hopes in any positive result out of the game.
Once more Columbia proved to be too hard to beat, as goalkeeper Christos Markoullis kept another clean sheet on the night. Mario’s Nicolaou scoring ability proved lethal for Columbia and made the difference in the game.

The absence if Sergey Astakhov proved too much for IQ Option following his red card from last weeks game. Benjamin Ribeiro was the man to stand out for IQ Option. It remains to be seen if league leaders Columbia will remain unbeaten till the end of the season.

It remains to be seen if league leaders Columbia will remain unbeaten till the end of the season.

Passion Is Back In Fashion!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

XM1 vs Exness  1-2

In a game where both teams wanted to win, we were up for an interesting match. Exness had to win to make sure Columbia were still in reach, while XM 1 needed the points to move closer to XM 2 in the table. 
The game was dominated by passion and strength. Lots of fouls were given by the referee. The stress was building high and so the players were short of concentration in front of goal, failing to score on either side in several occasions. The low scoring result was a result of this.
Exness dominated the first 10 minutes of the match and scored twice to lead 2-0. XM 1 had their period of dominance but only scored once, meaning the crazy last 10 minutes was full of ups and downs. Numerous attacks and shots went missing, and so the final 2-1 meant Exness took the three points and stayed within reach of league leaders, Columbia.

“The Swiss Battle”!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Swiss Markets347Win

BDSwiss vs Swiss Markets  2-7

The two teams faced the game without any pressure and looked forward to an enjoyable evening. At the back of their head, however, both wanted to win and take the three points their way.
It was an open game, both teams neglected defensive strategies and focused on attack. Many players tried many dribbles which were nice to view.
Costas Ioannidis certainly didn’t see the game as a friendly match and scored 5, significantly moving up the top scorers list! Robert Paluch tried to save the day for his team, but he was short of help.
Spectators enjoyed a stress-free, high scoring game. In the end, Swiss Markets clinched the victory and moved closer to BD Swiss in the table. Let’s just wait and see who will finish higher by the end of the season!

This Week’s Fixtures

After last week’s results, we are expecting the next matches to be filled with excitement and drama. All teams are showing improvement but some are desperately in need of some points on the table. This week is a great opportunity for all teams to improve their current position.
Also, the top goalscorer award seems to be hiding a few surprises, as quite a few players are keeping a close eye on the top position. Especially this week, as Vasilis Koudounas is out due to suspension, this gives the opportunity for others to either catch up or even take over!
Interest is also building up for the assist leader award, as a few players are improving their individual tally, improving both their teams chances for a win, but also their own position in the rankings!
So lets see what is hiding behind round 10 in a highly anticipated round!
Good luck to all teams!

Dancing In The Rain!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Columbia vs RCB 6-2

League leaders Columbia continue to cruise their way to the Championship as they beat RCB’s resistance. The scoreboard doesn’t really reflect the image of the game, as RCB gave a strong fight to earn something from the game. 
It was an open game right from the start, and those who thought that RCB were going to stay back and defend, were mistaken. There was a clear difference in the scoring abilities of the two sides however and was the decisive element in who was to win.
Stelios Kalopedis was on fantastic form scoring four times and making sure Columbia stayed away from trouble like last week. Columbia is looking unstoppable right now and it remains to be seen if there is any team worthy of breaking their unbeaten run.

Breathtaking Finale!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
XM 2112Win

XM 2 vs BDSwiss 2-1

The rain was constantly pouring as the sun went down. The slippery surface made it difficult for the two teams to play their football. It was all about strength and power. 

Very few chances from either side marked the first half, but two very late goals back to back from either side came to unsettle the scenery! For BD Swiss it was late coming to Peter Kosman who scored, and for XM2 who else? Vasilis Koudounas made sure he was on the scoresheet! 
A stunning second half was underway with chances on both ends, but Vasilis Koudounas assisted ex-goalkeeper Constantinos Oueida who made it 2-1! Not a bad tactical decision after all! 
XM 2 defended their lead and BD Swiss failed to convert their chances into goals, and that meant that XM 2 walked away with the three precious victory points. Vasilis Koudounas gave away his man of the match by getting a second yellow on the very last minute, which meant not only that he was sent off, but that he will miss the next match in a crucial point for both his team and his top scoring place.

Kings Of Drawing!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option112Draw

IQ Option vs XM 1  2-2

Unbelievable! Another draw for IQ Option as they reach their fifth! It looked like IQ Option were leaving the game with the three points as Joan Lopes scored once more continuing his excellent form in recent games. 
It was a heated game, with tension on both sides. The return of the team’s top goalscorer Christos Asprou was accompanied by two crucial goals wich gave XM 1 the point.

A point each leaves both sides happy with the way the game went on since it could have gone either way. Both teams also shared a red card each.


Hattrick Hero!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Swiss Markets101Loss

Swiss Markets vs Exness 1-3

Hatrick Hero!

A very tough and close encounter in a game with all to play for. An open match as expected, but Exness smiled last as Georgii Bartenev scored and made sure the game went his side’s way with his hattrick.
It was Swiss Markets that opened the scoreline however when Costas Ioannidis scored a nice long range shot.
The lack of substitutes proved costly for Swiss Markets as they were out of breath and stamina by the end of the game. This was a factor that Exness took advantage of and took the three points their way. It was a close game and kept is on our toes till the very end, but it was the Yellow’s who smiled in the end!

Let’s Take A Look At The Upcoming Games For This Week.

Leaders Columbia face RCB and want to avoid last weeks struggle with another victory. Bank giants RCB, on the other hand, may be on the bottom of the table, but will not give up any easy fight as they gradually seem to be improving as a team.
Second placed Exness will go up against Swiss Markets in an attempt to return to their winning ways, following their draw last week. Swiss Markets will seek for an upset since it’s something they have already done on several occasions.
XM 2 and BDSwiss will face each other as both teams will try to earn the three points after failing to do so in the previous week. Both teams see this game as the perfect opportunity to bounce back and climb a place or two up the table.
The most interesting fixture of the evening lies under the game of IQ Option and XM 1 where the winner will most likely get third place. XM 1’s top goalscorer Christos Asprou returns after suspension, while IQ Option captain Joan Lopes seems to be on fire lately, and all of this adds up to a thrilling game!
Good luck to all teams!

Fun Football!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option224Win

RCB – IQ Option  2-4

A game enjoyed by all, very little tension and smiles by both sides at the end of the game. Clearly, the message we want to pass on, team spirit and enjoying the game.
Both teams wanted to win. A run of unpleasant results had to end for the teams and this was their opportunity to do so. 
RCB started off better and had a nice chance to open the score. IQ Option bounced back quickly and dominated the game by creating more chances. By half time IQ Option where 0-2 up and many rushed to say that the game was over! 
Second half was very different with either side scoring and RCB looking confident for the comeback. Both teams played nice attacking the football. It was also nice to see many different players scoring for both teams, but IQ Option captain Joan Lopez scored twice to make sure all three points went to his team. 
It’s really important for us to see the shaking of hands between opponents at the end of each game!


Red Alert!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
XM 2011Draw

Exness – XM 2   1-1

Exness and XM 2 shared the points in what turn out to be a thrilling match.
XM 2 had a shaky start to the game following their loss last week. This is something that Exness tried to take advantage of starting the match with attacking manner and scoring early with a wonderful heel flick with Aleksey Kokhanov. 
Exness had several more chances to finish off the game but failed to do so. This gave XM 2 the courage to step up. The leagues’ top scorer Vasilis Koudounas couldn’t stay a second consecutive match without scoring, so with a beautiful solo effort very late in the game managed to equalise. However, he was the man to miss the chance of the game when failing to score in an open goal only seconds later!
A game where the teams shared a goal, a yellow card, a red card and a point each!

Suspense Till The Very Last Minute!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Swiss Markets011Loss

Columbia- Swiss Markets  2-1

Showing great improvement over the last few weeks, Swiss Markets were up to shock the unbeaten league leaders Columbia.
Swiss Markets had an enthusiastic start to the game. Columbia didn’t have the best of starts and were forced to follow the pace of Swiss Markets. Columbia had goalkeeper Marinos Yiangou on a fantastic evening and kept them alive in the match.
Hugo Coelho opened the score just after half-time with a nice left volley and set fore to the game. It was only a matter of time for Swiss Markets to score again and finish off the game.
But Columbia hadn’t signed off just yet. With only minutes to go, they managed to equalise with Lenos Chrisafi finishing off a nice team effort. In the dramatic closing minutes, Marios Nicolaou scored the winning goal to clinch away the victory!

Open Game, Could Have Gone Either Way!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

BDSwiss – XM 1  3-2

The match started off rather slow for both teams. XM 1 had a few players missing due to suspension and injuries and desperately needed the 3 points, while BDSwiss wanted to continue their good form. 

The teams played nice football with a number of chances created on both ends of the pitch. Both goalkeepers put on a show by stopping the opponent strikers on several occasions. XM 1 showed us how vital their top scorer Christos Asprou is to them as they failed to score on numerous occasions. BDSwiss had Chris Papageorgiou on a good day giving two assists, and Borja Gomez Fernandez netted two goals to make sure his team got the victory. Peter Kozman also made the score sheet. XM 1 side was out of luck, and so goals from Andreas Rouvis and George Georgiou proved not to be enough to take away anything from this match.

Second Half Of The Season About To Kick Off!

With all the teams now familiar with each other, the second half of the season will surely hold a lot of surprises! Teams that have been underachieving will now have their chance to bounce back and climb up the league table, while others will have to maintain their streak to stay as high up as possible.
Columbia remains the only unbeaten team, while Exness, XM 1 and RCB are teams that haven’t tied so far. League leaders Columbia also have the best goal difference. Vasilis Koudounas and Christos Asprou both lead the league in goals, but Vasilis will have his chance to go top by himself this week as Christos is out due to suspension. As for the assist leaders, once again we have a combined first place with Stelios Kalopedis and Joan Lopez both on 7.
See you all on Monday!

The League Leaders Are Proving A Point!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
XM 2000Loss

Columbia vs XM 2  8-0 

Columbia is at the top and they don’t seem to be coming down anytime soon. This game seemed difficult on paper, but the Columbia players proved too hot to handle. XM 2 started off well but seemed short of their good appearances. Despite the great scoring achievements, we must point out the excellent defensive Columbia set up, as it is not easy to stop XM 2 top scorer Vasilis Koudounas.
For Columbia, Goalkeeper Christis Markoullis was solid at the back, while Marios Nicolaou and Stelios Kalopedis where a strong force up front.
For XM 2, Solon Andreou tried his best for the team.

Exness Bounce Back


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Exness vs RCB   3-0

Following their first defeat of the season, Exness had to win to stay behind Columbia. RCB are not an easy side to beat and that was proven in this game once more. RCB goalkeeper Maxim Pepelyaev proved a real wall and stopped Exness on several occasions. Exness is known for their attacking football and wouldn’t stop there, finally breaking the deadlock after 10 minutes in the match. A penalty in the second half made it two and that pretty much wrapped up the match. RCB are showing signs of improvement and it won’t be late till they start putting points on their board! Ellinas Philopimin and Maxim Pepelyaev are the main cause of this improvement, while Exness players Denis Popovkin and Aleksey Kokhanov where the main threats for their winning side.

Late Momentum Saves The Day!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option112Draw

IQ Option vs  BD Swiss  2-2

It all looked one sided and easy for IQ Option who were in control of the game. They had the chances to finish off the game but failed to do so. BD Swiss kept the suspense going all the way to the end, equalised with two quick goals back to back, and also had the chance to turn it all around! IQ Option had a post on the very last minute and had their chance to steal the points, but it was all square at the end of this one!
A very nice game for everyone watching, enjoyed by both players and spectators!
Captain Joan Lopes and Sergey Astakhov really played well for IQ Option side, while for BD Swiss it was Peter Kosman and Borja Gomez Fernandez that did well.

Guess Who Decided To Set Fire In The League?


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Swiss Markets134Win

Swiss Markets vs Xm 1    4-3

It’s official! Swiss Markets have recorded their first win of the season only one week later of earning their first draw! XM 1 ignored the signs of improvement that Swiss Markets have shown lately and that cost them. It was a thrilling match from both sides, great football and skills shown throughout the game.
Hugo Coelho was solid at the back for Swiss Markets, with Stefanos Mitsi the main creator for the winners, while XM 1 had Demetris Kolanis and Zacharias Chalkias on a great night.

The Last Game For The First Half Of The Season

Lots of changes in the table with Columbia going top after winning the derby last week. This week they face XM2 who lost last week and want to return to their winning ways. Columbia remains the only unbeaten side in the league. Swiss Markets and XM1 both won last week and play against each other in am attempt to continue their streak. IQ Option goes head to head with BD Swiss in an interesting encounter and improved side RCB face Exness who desperately have to regroup and win after their first loss of the season.

Good luck to all teams!

Open Game, Could Have Gone Either Way!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

RCB vs BDSswiss  0-2

In a very fun and open game, both teams tried to play nice attacking football. Both teams had lots of shots, but both goalkeepers had a great night! A series of chances were missed on either end, BD Swiss were the ones to score and take the win in the end! We must note the 3 posts missed in this game, 2 for RCB and 1 for BD Swiss.
We really liked the friendly atmosphere between the two sides, with very few fouls made. We also noticed the fret improvement the teams have shown in their game, and it won’t be too long before they both start moving into higher positions of the table. 
Krzysztof Wyderka and Borja Gomes Fernandez were in great form for the winning team, Pambos Protopapas and Argyris Konstantinou gave it their best for the RCB.


War Within The Walls!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
XM 2011Loss

Xm 2 vs Xm 1   1-5

A game that started with smiles and hand shaking, with both teams showing great anticipation towards the game. No goals in the first half was certainly a remarkable fact to note down! The friendly zone ended somewhere there. The second half started and it wasn’t long until XM1 opened the score and the game started to heat up. As the score line increased, XM2 were late believing in a comeback, so the game saw XM1 victorious in the end. Both teams should be happy with their second half performance.

Andreas Rouvis, George Georgiou, Yiannis Zittis and Solon Androu all played well and marked the result to the final 5-1.

Light In The Tunnel!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Swiss Markets213Draw
IQ Option213Draw
Swiss Markets vs IQ Option 3-3
IQ Option started the game really well and looked to be earning the three points easily, especially after going 2-0 up relatively early in the match. But Costas Ioannidis had a different opinion. Scoring two goals back to back right before the end of halftime, he managed to level the game and spice things up a little! IQ Option seemed to be getting the signals and scored again to lead 3-2, had many chances to finish off the game but failed to do so, and right before the end, Swiss Markets scored to earn their first point of the season! They had warned us that they were an improved side and IQ Option fell for their warning! 
Joan Lopes and Angelo Ioannidis for IQ Option and Hugo Coelho and Costas Ioannidis were players to stand out in this game.

Change In The League Leaders!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Columbia vs Exness 3-0 

The game started with both teams looking to protect their defense. It was a really tough encounter as both teams wanted the win that would give them the first place. Columbia opened the score just before halftime. The second half continued with a lot of strong defensive strategies from either side. Columbia looked cooler in front of goal however and finished off their chances with goals to win the game, while Exness couldn’t convert their shots into goals and suffered their first defeat of the season which dropped them down to second place. 
Lots of players stood out from both sides, but clearly, hattrick hero Socratis Christofi was the MVP for the night!

As Thursday Is Approaching, Let’s Take A Look At What Awaits This Week In Our League.

An interesting list of fixtures starting from a highly anticipated game where top-ranked Exness and Columbia go head to head. Only 2 points separate the two sides as both seek to obtain the first place of the table.
XM1 and XM2 play amongst themselves as the winner will take advantage of the points that will be lost between Exness and Columbia. This way, the winning team between the two XM will have the chance to move up in the table.
RCB and BD Swiss both want to return to winning ways following their losses last week in what proves to be an interesting encounter, while IQ Option will face an improved Swiss Markets side in a tough match.
Good luck to all teams!