Month: June 2017

Last Round

So here we are with only one week to play in the SoGoFootball Elite Business League.

Columbia has already been crowned champions but still, want to win their last match against XM 2 who also need the points to make sure they finish in the top 5 positions. Columbia wants to finish the League first and unbeaten!

Exness want to return to their winning ways following their loss last week and in preparation for the Cup Final. They will face RCB who have jumped a place last week and have a chance to finish away from the last place.

XM 1 who are battling for the third place come up against Swiss Markets. XM 1 will seal third place with a win and don’t want to think of any result other than that. Swiss Markets, on the other hand, could finish as high as fifth with a win, but could even come last if they lose and teams below them win! Hopefully this week they will not play with a player less and will win to avoid any shock!

The other Cup Finalist, IQ Option, will want to prepare themselves for the final with a win. They are also in the hunt for third place in the league. Their opponents BDSwiss, however, have dropped down to last place last week and desperately need some points to finish as high as possible!

We still need to find out who the Top Scorer and Assist Leader will be for the season as many players are still keeping tabs on the prizes. Current Leader Costas Ioannides was absent last week and others had the chance to catch up.

All trophies will be given at the end of the games!

See you all there!



Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Exness vs Columbia 1-3

One week before the end of the season and Columbia have clinched the title by increasing their margin to 6 points from second placed Exness.

It all began with a very stressful game filled with anxiety and passion. We all know how strong these two teams are, but in order to win this match we needed to see something extra from either side. The game was well balanced and both teams attacked more as the game was played on.
It was only in the second half were the teams started to show the first signs of fatigue that we started to see the game gradually being set on fire.
Both teams played very well and the team that was more accurate on goal was the one to take the win. A win that would mean a Championship as well, since Columbia finally saw that their season’s efforts finally paid off! Columbia still remain the only unbeaten side in the league!
The final whistle was the start to the Columbia celebrations and the famous song “Campeones” was sang with great joy and enthusiasm from the winners! It was also a great pleasure to see many fans at the pitch for both teams, and of ofcourse the winning side’s spectators joined in all the cheering!
At this point we would like to thank both teams for their excellent sportsmanship behaviour and playing fair and square on the pitch.

Not Easy At All!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option235Win
Swiss Markets112Loss

IQ Option vs Swiss Markets 2-5

So what if Top Scorer Costas Ioannides was absent? So what if Swiss Markets appeared at the pitch with only 4 players?
The game was competitive from the very first minute. IQ Option thought this would be an easy one and started the match rather complacent.
Goals on either end kept us on our toes, but it was really the fact that Swiss Markets got really tired and couldn’t cope with the demands of the game that gave it away.
IQ Option should have finished the game earlier but Swiss Markets really tried to overwrite the fact that they were a man down for the entire game. The final score doesn’t really reflect how close the game was since the winners made sure they cleared the score difference in the end.
IQ Option keeps the three points in their attempt to finish third.
Now one match left for each team to play in the final week of the League.

Almost There!

Two weeks left for the end of the first ever SoGoFootball Business League to finish and the build up to who will be crowned Champions is higher than ever!
In fact, we could even have a champion this week if Columbia wins Exness in their highly anticipated encounter. Columbia faced a shock exit from the Cup and now will give it their best for the championship. Exness is still alive in the hunt for the double and after their qualification to the Cup final now face Columbia in a must win the game to level them on points. We remind you that the score between them for the game was 3-0 for Columbia. Exness must win with at least the same score in order to stand a chance to win the Championship.

Another derby match on Monday night, this time for RCB and BDSwiss, with both teams desperately in need of the win to avoid the last place in the table. RCB were waiting for this game for a while now, but it will not be an easy task against BDSwiss who have shown what a tough opponent they can be in their attempt to avoid the last place.

The XM’s battle for 3rd place as they tie with 14 points is another interesting match up this week. This game will be a real battle within the walls of the company as the players will forget friendships and smiles for 40 minutes and play for the win in order to finish on top of their colleagues and make sure they are the ones smiling in the office on Tuesday morning! Two players involved in the Top Scorer hunt are also involved in this game, one for either team, and it remains to see how they will do in their race for the Golden boot.

IQ Option is also keeping an eye on the 3rd place, and after their massive qualification to the Cup Final will do everything they can to win on Monday. Of course, that is not an easy task as they face Swiss Markets who are looking on fire right now, especially with Top Scorer Costas Ioannides keeping his eyes on the prize and in need of a few goals to avoid losing the Golden Boot just two weeks before the end of the season!

Good Luck to everyone!

And The Teams That Progress To The Cup Final Are…

The end of the semifinals saw Exness and IQ Option pair up for the Cup Final!

Exness played well to win RCB bank 9-1 in the first match in a game that didn’t provide any shocks. RCB appeared with many absences but Exness played their best all the way to the end. Now they await the match against Columbia on Monday for the league in a must-win encounter for them.
Surely tonight’s semifinal wasn’t the best of tests for them, but they showed that they are one of the highest scoring teams and always play attacking the football. RCB, on the other hand, did their best but fell short of energy. Now they look towards the last two games of the league with interest, as they will try to avoid the last place at the end of the season.


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

In the second semifinal, favorites Columbia fell short of enthusiasm and lost to IQ Option who played one of their best games, managing to progress to the final. IQ Option, in their highest scoring game, showed that they deserve a better place in the league. They will try to finish third in the league while they prepare themselves for the Cup Final.
Columbia came to the game with many absences and IQ Option was not willing to forgive them for this. They played well and didn’t allow Columbia to believe in qualification at any point.
Columbia now looks only at Monday night’s match to seal the Championship with a win. The final score was 7-1 for IQ Option.


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option257Win


Cup Semifinals Ready To Begin!

All set for the semifinals to start. Both games will be played at 7.45 and the build up to the games is fascinating. The two matches are as follows:

Columbia vs IQ Option

RCB  vs Exness

On paper, both matches have a favorite to win, but in the cup, anything can happen and all players will play to the final whistle!

We hope to see everyone play at their best, always with a sporting manner and gentlemen behaviour.

Everybody has their eyes set on the trophy but only two can progress to the final.

Good luck to all teams! May the best teams win!

Exness With A Point To Prove!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option000Loss

IQ Option vs Exness 0-2

It was clear from the beginning that both teams wanted to win for their own reasons. Exness needed the three points to remain alive in the hunt for the Championship, while IQ Option wanted to win to remain in third place and also gain a good psychological advantage ahead of their Cup semi-final game against Columbia on Friday.

The game was really tight with neither team willing to take risks up front. IQ Option had most of the possession but failed to score when given the opportunity. Exness where more concentrated in front of goal and scored twice before halftime.

IQ Option put the pressure on all the way until the end, but Exness’ defense proved impossible to beat. The final score means Exness will have it all to play in next week’s game against Columbia. They remain just three points behind them and need to win to level them on points. We remind you that Columbia is the only team to have won Exness, and the score of the first match was 3-0.

IQ Option now look forward to their semi-final Cup fixture on Friday!

Columbia Are Cruising To The Championship!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

BDSwiss vs Columbia 1-10

With only three games remaining Columbia had nothing but the win in mind. On the other hand, BDSwiss were not going to give up the fight and so the first 10 minutes of the game were quite level. Once the deadlock was broken it was a different game altogether, however, and BDSwiss found it difficult to keep up with the pace that Columbia had set.

BD Swiss tried hard and it was nice to see them play attacking football and not stay back and defend. Columbia was the better side and finished off the game. We saw a few nice goals as well in the process. Now they prepare for next week’s match against Exness and will certainly want to win and be crowned champions of the first SogoFootball Business League!

We remind you that Columbia has the best goal difference in the league and still remain the only unbeaten team!


Goals Here, There And Everywhere!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
XM 2123Loss
Swiss Markets5712Win

XM 2 vs Swiss Markets  3-12

A very open game right from the start, with no signs of defensive strategies from either side. It was clearly going to be a match with a lot of goals.

Costas Ioannides scored 6 goals on the day and moved clear to the top of the Goalscorers list, while Vasilis Koudounas only scored once and fell behind in the race. Only two more games left to see who will finish top, but I think that Swiss Market’s striker has one hand on the trophy already!

The score of the game could have been higher since there were a lot of shots taken on both sides, both on and off target.

The two teams seem to be trying to figure out their strategies for the next season already, as we have seen several players trying out new positions and roles within the field.

6 goals scored on the same match is a record for our League!

Great Game But No Winner!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

RCB vs XM 1  2-2

Following the shock of their cup elimination on the penalty shoot out, XM 1 wanted to bounce back when they faced RCB who are currently at the bottom of the table.

The game was level from the start, and it was difficult to point out a winner. RCB is continuously proving how their league position doesn’t match their potential. They desperately don’t want to finish last this season and are doing well to achieve that goal. Unfortunately for them Swiss Markets won their game and moved up; so now they have to overpass BDSwiss who remain just 2 points clear.

XM 1 moved up to third place with the draw they earned, though level on points with XM 2 and IQ Option. XM 1 is one of only 3 teams in the league that has a positive goal difference. Their new target is to finish third alone now and they have two more games to obtain that goal.

On an another note, Christos Asprou only managed to score once and needs to score more if he is to stay in the race for the Top Goalscorer award.


Round 12 Underway!

Round 12 is underway as the list of this week’s fixtures holds a few interesting games.
For a start, RCB face XM 1 and both teams are showing improvement and want to win. RCB need the three points to increase their chances to move away from the bottom of the table while XM 1 want to continue their run of good appearances despite losing to Columbia last week and to Exness in the Cup. This is their chance to get the win and climb a spot or two in the table.
XM 2 will play against Swiss Markets and both sides will give it their best to win and improve their position in the table. Vasilis Koudounas will try to score as well in order to remain in the top scoring position.
League leaders Columbia will face BDSwiss in a rematch of Friday’s cup match between the two sides. For Columbia winning is a one way road as the wish to remain top while BDSwiss want a better result than that of the Cup.
Exness and IQ Option will play the last match of the night and it looks like a tough game. Exness need to win to make sure they are right behind Columbia ahead of next week’s game, while in form IQ Option need to show they are in good shape for the semifinals of the Cup.
Good luck to all!

Quarterfinal Results

The first stage of the SogoFootball Elite Cup has been completed tonight with the following results.

Columbia 8-0 BD Swiss
IQ Option 3-0 XM2 (did not show up)
Exness 4-4 XM1 (Exness win 2-0 on penalties)

The semi-finals will be played next Friday and both games will start at 20:15. The games will be:

RCB – Exness
Columbia – IQ Option

Now the lights are back to the League with the next matches being played on Monday as normal.



Cup Starts Today!

So the highly awaited Cup starts tonight with three very interesting match ups underway.
A lot of teams see this as their chance to win some silverware after falling behind in the League table. Teams that had a shaky start to the League and couldn’t catch up despite their improvement can start fresh and progress to the next round! On the other hand, the League’s top-ranked two teams Columbia and Exness are already eyeing the double!

We expect all teams to behave in their usual sportsmanship manner and try to win on the pitch fair and square!

Good luck to everyone!



Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Columbia – XM 1  5-2

League leaders Columbia were up against XM 1 who have played well in recent games. Many thought this was the night were Columbia would stumble and fall but they have their eyes on the prize and are continuing to cruise to the Championship!
Columbia had a difficult task to begin with having Socratis Christofi out with an injury and XM 1 starting the game with no substitute available on the bench. Both teams put their problems aside, however, and stayed focused in this really important game.
They both had their chances as expected but Columbia were more accurate on target. It was a match with a lot of strong tackles and fouls since strength took over technique.
XM 1 now look forward to the cup as they want to start fresh and prepared to progress to the semifinals.
After the end of this round we have to note down the fact that all five top goal scorers scored at least once this week giving extra suspense as to who will win the golden boot of the season!



Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
XM 2505Loss
IQ Option246Win

XM2- IQ Option 5-6

We had no idea what we were up to ahead of this fixture; what a surprise the two teams had in store.
Only minutes earlier, the cup draw brought the teams face to face against each other in the quarterfinals and one would think that they would start the match reserved and holding back. The result was quite the opposite I must say!
IQ Option scored first, only for XM2 to turn it around and lead by 5-2 at halftime. Those that thought the game was over were simply fooled as IQ Option managed to level the game only minutes away from the final whistle.
Another IQ Option draw was underway when a goal on the last second completed their comeback giving them all three points! Certainly a match to remember!
Now we look forward to the two teams meeting again on Friday in their rematch and surely we expect the same drama from the game!

Fair And Square!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Swiss Markets415Draw

Swiss Markets – RCB 5-5

What a game we were up as both teams wanted to win to move clear from the bottom of the table. Either side played one of their best games and goals on either side meant they had to share the points in the end and keep their current positions in the league table.
The match started of in a friendly manner but it wasn’t long till the first goals changed the balances in the game. The tie at the end is a fair result as the final whistle couldn’t separate the two sides. Swiss Markets and RCB are the most improved teams over the last few games and it seems that they are both trying very hard to avoid finishing in the last positions of the league.
Good news for both teams is that BDSwiss lost and that means that they now moved one point closer to them.
Top goalscorer Costas Ioannides managed to score a goal and stay in top position, this time joint with Vasilis Koudounas of XM 2

It’s Raining Goals!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Exness – BD Swiss 12-1

Exness were the favorites, to begin with, but no one imagined a score like this. BDSwiss were short of players this week but it was clear that Exness wanted the win much more. Earning the three points was a one-way road for Exness and they were up to prove a point.
Only seconds after the game started Exness scored, taking an early lead. BDSwiss were trying to regroup but by that time Exness were way in front in the scoreline.
They played really nice team football and gave no chance to their opponents to claim anything from the game. BDSwiss tried to balance things in the second half and played organised from the back.
We enjoyed a nice attacking game where Exness took what they wanted and stayed right behind Columbia only 2 weeks before the match between them.

Cup – Draw

So after the cup draw today the quarterfinals are as follows:

RCB qualifies without playing
Exness – XM 1
Columbia – BDSwiss
IQ Option – XM 2

At this point we would like to thank our special guests Mr. Bernd Stange, Mr. Freddie John Paul and Mr.Zafiris for their presence at our draw.

For the Cup only, each team is allowed to add 2 more players, providing they work in their company.

Also, in the case of a draw at the end of a knockout match, there is no extra time, and the game will head straight to penalty shootout. Each team will take 3 penalties. After that, if we still have a draw, then we will follow the process of “sudden death”.

Good luck to all teams!



SoGoFootball would like to announce that Mr.Bernd Stange former coach of the national teams of East Germany, Iraq, Singapore, Belarus as well as Apollon Limassol of Cyprus; will be joining us all on Monday 12th June 2017 at 20:35, at the Kalogeropoulio Stadium where there will be a draw for the SoGoFootball Elite Business Cup.

After The Short Break All Teams Are Ready To Return To Action.

We have a few interesting matches coming up this week and we surely look forward to Monday!
For a start, league leaders Columbia face XM 1 in a tough game. XM 1 looks ready to create an upset but Columbia remains unbeaten yet and wants to maintain this fantastic run.
Second-placed Exness go head to head with BDSwiss who look to be in form at the moment. Exness don’t want to loose any points in order to take advantage of any points Columbia might drop.
IQ Option will play against XM 2 and as both teams are looking rather unstable in their results lately, this will be a good opportunity for either end to get back on track.
On the other side of the table, Swiss Markets will face RCB. Both teams won last week with big scores and desperately want to continue their winning ways and increase their run. Swiss Markets want to stay on top of RCB in the League table so winning is a one-way road.
Good luck to all teams!

Cup 2017!

We would like to inform you that on Monday 12th June 2017 at 20:35, at the Kalogeropoulio Stadium there will be a draw for the SoGoFootball Elite Business Cup!
The knockout matches will start with the quarterfinals on Friday 16th June, followed by the semifinals that will take place on Friday 23rd June and the Final on the 7th July.
Please note that these matches are separate from the Elite Business League. Therefore both yellow and red cards are not transferrable from either competition. Any team that confirms participatation in the SoGoFootball Cup automatically agrees with the all the rules and regulations of the SoGoFootball League.