Month: December 2018

A Table At ‘’7’’ Seas For The Guys, Please!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option (B)112Loss

IQ Option (B) vs Columbia

Two teams with similar goals, IQ Option Black and Columbia, faced each other for the last match of 2018 primary league. Everyone expected either a close game with few goals or a high balanced score.
However, Columbia players were in a great form and dominated the match from the first half by scoring three goals and conceding just one. They didn’t stop there and continued on the same tempo at the second half with the final score being 7-2. It is important to note that all Columbia players actively contributed to the goals scored whereas Giovis Enoupoo scored twice for IQ Option Black.
IQ Option Black is stuck on the bottom of the table with two points but they just need a win for their confidence to be boosted and face the future with increased motivation. On the other hand, this was an important win for Columbia and with the seven goals scored are now the third best-attacking side of the league.
Time to relax, enjoy the Christmas holidays and return back in 2019 with a greater desire for football!

And Keep On Scoring In Style!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option156Win

IQ Option (O) vs BDS

IQ Option Orange and BDS were both in a good shape coming from a win at their last game. It was clearly a must-win match for both teams as IQ Option Orange wanted to stay on top along with Kainari FC and on the other hand, BDS was aiming to get the three points and start 2019 with even higher goals.

The first half was competitive, both teams defended well and scored a goal each. Everyone was looking for a tough second half where the game would have been decided by a mistake or two.

However, IQ Option Orange entered the pitch highly motivated, scored five goals and clearly showed the reason they are among the best teams of the league with high-quality players. The fact that all IQ Option Orange players apart from the goalkeeper had active participation in their six goals with either scoring, assisting or both prove the latter.

BDS are now nine points away from the top two teams however with six more games to be played anything is possible.

Kainari FC Had Their Own Santa!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Kainari FC336Win

RCB vs Kainari FC

Kainari FC wanted to get another three important points and enter 2019 with high confidence for the title race. It was clearly a hard game on theory for RCB who wanted to get closer to the third place.

Kainari FC though proved themselves as favourites and by being serious from the first moments of the game they finished the first half with a 3-1 score. On the second half they scored another three goals and despite conceding two they managed to get an easy 6-3 win. They couldn’t have done it though without the vital contribution of Konstantinos Odysseos who scored five goals! 

Both teams will now relax their body and mind over the Christmas holidays in order to be fully prepared for the last six important matches of the season.

The Last Games Of The 2018 Year!

The last games of the 2018 year will be played on Monday with some interesting fixtures coming up.

For a start, IQ Option Orange will face BDS in a rematch of first round’s 4-1. BDS need to win not only for revenge but also to get closer to the two league leaders. It’s about time they play well against a side that’s on top of them, and now is the ideal game to do that. IQ Option Orange, on the other hand, want to carry on their fantastic run of wins this season and are eyeing on another victory to stay joint top for another week.

The other “leading companion”, Kainari FC, will against RCB and want a win easier than their previous meeting (2-0). RCB are always a fighting side that are capable of beating any team on a good day; have really struggled to show consistency so far.
We expect a nice game as both teams will do everything for the three points.

Columbia desperately want a win on Monday both to move further away from the bottom of the league and also to take advantage of any points dropped by RCB and therefore move ahead of them into fourth place. Their opponents, IQ Option Black, have yet to record a victory so far and this looks like the perfect opportunity. The first game between these two sides ended 8-1 for Columbia and that is something that neither sides have forgotten.

Double Up Your IQ


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option (B)011Loss
IQ Option123Win

IQ Option (B) vs IQ Option (O)

The players had to put aside their friendship with their colleagues for an hour an tried to show which colour was the “football boss” of the company.

IQ Option Orange won narrowly in the first match and the league positions of the two sides had absolutely no reflection on the game.

The game combined both skill and power and the orange side of the office managed to win again. It was another tough contest between the two teams but IQ Option Black will have another difficult day at the office the next day having to deal with the winners’ comments!


The Score Of The Day!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option167Win

Columbia vs IQ Option (O)

IQ Option Orange desperately need to keep winning to avoid losing track of league leaders Kainari FC. Columbia are always an unpredictable team, keen on winning any side.

The first half had quite a bit of tension and stress; it wasn’t till the second half when IQ Option Orange decided to show their true colours. They finished the game in style, leaving Columbia no chance of bouncing back.

With this result, the suspense on both top and bottom of the league is greater than ever and these two sides know they need to keep winning to further improve their league position.

No Mistakes This Time


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option (B)011Loss
Kainari FC235Win

IQ Option (B) vs Kainari FC

Kainari FC wanted the win to stay top of the league all alone, but in the back of their heads, the first game between these two sides was ringing bells.

IQ Option Black wanted to win something from this game and knowing how close they were last time, we were up for a good game.

But all of this was all theoretical as Kainari FC were more serious than ever and earned the three points fair and square. IQ Option Black fought till the end as always, but couldn’t score with ease to get back in the game.

Kainari FC all alone at the top once again, but with a game in hand, who knows what IQ Option Orange are up to?

So Close, Yet So Far!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome


It was a must-win game for both teams. RCB knew that with a victory they would overpass their opponents on the league table. BDS, on the other hand, want to win to move clear in third place, also keeping a close distance with the league leaders.

The first half was all square at 2-2. BDS, however, were more accurate in the second half and managed to clinch the three points which now gives them a five points difference from RCB.

The rankings are constantly changing and it only needs a bit of consistency from the teams in order to move up a place or two.

Finally, Next Round On Monday!

Our league resumes next week with all teams playing on Monday, December 10. We have three interesting games ahead of us and everyone looks forward to the matches.

In the first game, BDS will face RCB. There are only two points separating these two sides on the table and RCB want to win to overpass their opponents in third place. RCB had a great game last week, but only managed to earn a point. BDS on the other hand, want to bounce back following last week’s defeat and win against their rivals like they did the first time they met this year.

Columbia will try and repeat last week’s performance as they come up against IQ Option Orange who have a match to give as they didn’t play last week. The game of the first round ended toward IQ’s favor and Columbia will be determined to get their revenge this week; something that won’t be easy as we all know how tough their opponents are.

IQ Option Black still remain the only team without a win but want to change their fate this week when they meet Kainari FC. The league leaders are cruising following their game last week but will not forget the points they dropped the first time these two teams met. IQ Option Black are a team that can cause damage if you are not careful and it remains to be seen if Kainari FC have learnt their lesson or if IQ Option will create another upset.