Month: February 2019

Final Ceremony – Autumn/Winter 2018 Season

After the end of the last round’s matches, a ceremony to congratulate the winners, as well as all participants of the league, took place. It was an honour for SoGoFootball Elite Business League that all awards were given by Freddie John Paul as the representative of Jako Sportswear brand being the official sponsor of the league and Sofronis Avgousti, the manager of Apollon Limassol FC.

Kainari FC was honoured as champions where apart from a trophy and medals, a Jako ball signed by the current squad of Apollon Limassol FC was given to them. IQ Option Orange and Columbia were honoured as runners up and holders of third place respectively. In addition, it is important to be mentioned that the rest of the teams were honoured for their participation. At the end of the day, participation and fair play are what matters, aspects that are more important than winning according to sports values.

In terms of individual awards, two players of Kainari FC were honoured. Konstantinos Odysseos as the top goalscorer of the league with 26 goals, in addition to Giannis Pieridis as the winner of the assist leaders’ run with 10 assists.

At this point, we would like to congratulate all teams and players who contributed to the competitiveness of the league and welcome them to the new championship that will take place in a month’s time.

All the best and see you soon!

They Proved Themselves!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Kainari FC022Loss
IQ Option224Win

Kainari FC vs IQ Option (O)

Knowing that the ranking on the table wouldn’t have changed no matter the result, with Kainari FC being champions and IQ Option Orange runners up, this game apart from the interest for the individual awards was just important in terms of prestige. 
In most of the cases, the runner up has an extra motive to fight and win this game in a way of proving themselves.
This was indeed the case in the Kainari FC vs IQ Option Orange match. IQ Option Orange showed their intentions of winning this game from the first half by scoring two goals. The second half was more balanced with both teams scoring twice with the final score being 4-2 for IQ Option Orange. 
In terms of individual awards through the game was successful for Kainari FC as Konstantinos Odysseos scored a goal and won the top goalscorer award with 26 goals in total. Also, Giannis Pieridis with his final assist helped himself to be the winner of the assist leader run with 10 assists.
We can conclude that these two teams were by far the best of the league with the championship title being decided on details.
Both teams on 34 points, equal on total wins-defeats-draws, the fact that decided the winner of the championship was the 2-1 of wins of Kainari FC to IQ Option Orange at their games between the two sides. 
Well done to both sides!  

What A Game!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Columbia vs RCB

Having no pressure on them, both teams wanted to enjoy their last game and play some attacking football. And they did it in the most spectacular way! 
In terms of statistics and individual awards, the match mattered for Marios Shittas who was an assist behind Yiannis Pieridis on the assist leaders’ table. Unfortunately for him and his team, he didn’t give any assist at this game however, Yiannis Shittas was on fire and scored a hat trick which helped him to end up as a runner up in the best goalscorers’ table.
We have to congratulate RCB side as well though as they scored three goals and they made this match beautiful and unpredictable. It was a fairly balanced match as the score was even 1-1 at first half with the final score being 3-3.
Columbia ended up as third on the table whereas RCB a position below, on the fourth place.
At this point, we would like to congratulate both teams in contributing to the competitiveness of the league.
Well done guys!

15th Round – The Last Three Matches

The last three fixtures of the league will take place on Monday 18th of February in the presence of the best football manager of Cypriot football as voted for 2016-17 and 2017-2018 seasons, Mr Sofronis Avgousti. It is an honour for us that Mr Avgousti has accepted our invitation and he will be the person to give the team and individual awards. 
All three games will be played at 8.30 pm. The first one is that of our Champions Kainary FC against the runners up IQ Option Orange. No pressure will be on teams and they will both try to enjoy the game however there are individual records that may be decided by that game especially the best assist leader award. 
At the second match, Columbia is facing RCB. In theory the game is slightly more important for RCB as they want the three points in order to secure the fourth position, However Columbia will aim to win the game too and close the season in the best possible way after the defeat at their last match against Kainari FC,
The last fixture is that between the two bottom sides of the table BDS and IQ Option Black. IQ Option Black will play an open and attacking game and try to double up their victories after their first win at the last round. On the contrary, BDS can finish the league fourth in case they win and at the same time, RCB lose point(s) at their game.
At this point we would like to thank all teams and congratulate them for making the league exciting and competitive.
Well done to everybody!

Fair And Well-Deserved Champions!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Kainari FC246Win

Kainari FC vs Columbia

Kainari FC was the team with the pressure on their shoulders as they needed the win in order to celebrate the title. Kainari FC though is also a team with quality players, team spirit, confidence and with the ability to win crucial games. Despite being a highly important match for them they made it look really easy as they played open, attacking football with no moment in the game aiming to decrease the tempo.

By scoring two goals at the first and four goals at the second half, Kainari FC triumphed with 6-1 against Columbia.
Miltiadis Vasilleiou with a hat trick, Konstantinos Odysseos with two and Charis Charalampous with one goal were the players to secure the title for Kainari FC in an emphatic way.
Columbia has entered the pitch only physically as at no moment of the match they have shown that they deserve something from that game. With one round to go, they will finish the league third however they want to do it with a victory against RCB.

On the other hand, Kainari FC will go on their last game against their all season title rivals IQ Option Orange by already being champions. There was no more satisfying way for them to finish the season than this.
They deserved it one hundred percent and nobody can deny that they are fair champions. Being the best attacking as well as a defensive side of the league along with the fact that they have won both fixtures against their title rivals IQ Option Orange proves the latter.

Well done Kainari FC!


Finally They Did It!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option (B)224Win

RCB vs IQ Option (B)

13 matches without a win were a lot! At the 14th one IQ Option Black got their first victory in a dramatic way!
To be fair, at the last matches IQ Option Black were fighting and giving one hundred percent in order to celebrate a win.
They didn’t give up and yesterday against RCB got the three points that they deserved.

IQ Option Black started the game fully motivated and by playing attacking football managed to score two goals. A dramatic second half took place as RCB turned the game and were in front with 3-2. Despite having no victory up to that point, IQ Option Black had the mental and physical power to score two goals and finally to win the game with 4-3.
They couldn’t have done it though without the vital contribution of Nikos Rentoumis who was on an outstanding form by scoring three goals in addition to assisting one.

RCB need a win at their last fixture as they are now not feeling safe in regard to the fourth position with BDS that face IQ Option Black being just two points away. On the other hand though, IQ Option Black despite the fact that they will finish the championship battle on the bottom of the table no matter their result on the last game, they want to double up their victories and prove themselves as real warriors that never give up.

14th Round – Two More Games To Go

Three more games will take place for the 14th round of the league on Monday the 4th of February.
Kainari FC will face Columbia with the game being highly important mostly for Kainary FC side. They are just two wins away from celebrating the title and have to be serious in order to win the first one. On the other hand, Columbia will most probably finish on the third position however they want to close this championship battle in the best possible way for them.
IQ Option Orange will aim to get the three points against BDS and hope Kainary FC will lose to Columbia in order to catch them on the top of the table. BDS want to win with the target of fourth place being a realistic goal for them.
The last fixture is that between RCB and IQ Option Black. IQ Option Black have nothing to lose and they will try to play attractive football as they did on Monday against IQ Option Orange. 
On the contrary, RCB want to finish the league fourth and in order to do that, they have to get the three points at their upcoming match.  
All the best to all teams!