Month: April 2019

Happy Easter!

In This Season Of New Beginnings,
New Hopes & New Joys…
Wishing For You Every
Prosperity & Continued Success!

Happy Easter!

       # SoGoFootball Team 


Great Come Back!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Supernova vs FxPro

Supernova faced FxPro with both teams aiming for the win and the three points. Supernova was the team that took the initiatives at the early stages of the game and managed to open the score with George Tatsis increasing their chances for their first victory in the league.

However, the second half belonged to FxPro. An amazing performance by Peter Aust who despite missing some big chances including a crossbar, as soon as he scored his first goal, his goal-scoring instinct turned on. In less than ten minutes he scored another two goals completing his second hat trick in the league. In addition, a reference to Andreas Antoniades has to be made as he assisted two of the total five goals which FxPro scored.

Despite the great second half performance of FxPro the final 5-1 score can be characterized as hard for Supernova who has to improve their defence in order to celebrate the victory at their next match.

A Goal Scoring Machine!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

UFX vs Columbia

The match between UFX and Columbia opened the 4th round of the season. Both teams wanted to return to victories after their last week’s defeats. Ufx started the match more aggressively and scored first, however, Goal-Scoring Marios Nicolaou was on a great form and by scoring a hat trick in the first half gave the lead to Columbia who managed to score one more goal too. The safe three-goal difference gave Columbia the comfort to enjoy the second half with no anxiety and stress.

Ufx managed to score twice, Columbia scored three more goals and the final 7-3 result for Columbia can be described as fair. A special reference to Nicolas Sarris is essential as by scoring twice is now running the best goal scorers table with seven goals.

The main reason behind Columbia’s victory was their players’ experience and quality whereas, on the other hand, Ufx lost their concentration and cohesion at crucial moments of the game.

Fourth Round On The Horizon!

The fourth round of SoGoFootball League is taking place on Monday with two games.
Interbrics, that is currently unbeaten on the top of the table, is having a break and hence they will have the chance to rest and be fully ready and prepared for their next fixtures.

The first match is between Ufx and Columbia.
Both sides are coming from defeats and this makes the game even more important. There are two teams that have shown their offensive qualities and consequently, we expect an open and unpredictable game to take place.

The other fixture is among Supernova and FxPro. The two teams will play their game and based on their previous matches they will follow an attacking philosophy where none will compromise with anything less than the victory and the three points.

Good luck to all teams!

A Fair Win Decided By The Extra Man On Pitch!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

UFX vs FxPro
Ufx was facing FxPro after a week off. FxPro wanted the victory in order to forget the loose against Columbia last week. Despite the unfavorable weather and persistent rain, both teams took up the challenge and stood to play as equals.

Even though Ufx was playing with just five players this day, a competitive and interesting first half took place with FxPro leading with a 4-3 score.

At the second half though, FxPro took advantage of their extra man on pitch as Ufx players got tired without any possible substitute.

FxPro managed to score two goals while Ufx none and celebrated an important and fair victory. Peter Aust was the MVP of the game by scoring a hat trick and helping his team to return to winning.

Dancing In The Rain!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Interbricks vs Columbia

An amazing game under bad weather conditions due to heavy rain took place between Interbricks and Columbia.
The first half was balanced with both teams scoring twice and the winner would have been decided in the second half. An exciting and open second half among the two teams was played with Interbrics scoring two more goals than Columbia and finally celebrating a 6-4 victory.
Despite that, the goalkeeper of Interbricks conceded an easy goal he cannot be accused as he was the one to keep his team in the game with a vital contribution in the victory at the end after numerous saves that he made. In addition, it is important to be mentioned that all of Interbircs players have actively participated in the six goals scored by either scoring, assisting or both.

3rd Round Fixtures

The 3rd round starts with two games at 19:30 on Monday when Ufx faces FxPro and Interbrics faces Columbia.

UFX and FxPro seek their first points. FxPro unfortunately, lost their first winning in consequence of “IQEXIT”. They will try to repeat that result to get back points. On the other hand, after a week break, Ufx regained strength and is going to return with double power. Every result is possible.

The second match takes place between Interbrics and Columbia. Columbia is coming from a big victory and leading at the top of the table. On the other hand, Interbricks want to win after the last draw against Supernova and aim for the first position as well.

Good luck to all teams!


Before the second round, IQ Option has unfortunately left the league due to non-sporting issues.
SoGoFootball had to secure its rights and could not take any other action apart from the exit of IQ_Option from the league.

At this point, SoGoFootball would like to thank IQ Option for its participation at the last two seasons and wish them all the best for the future.

In addition, as in regard to the policy of SoGoFootball, anyone that suggests with success any team, that will participate in the league will be provided with our referral bonus.

A Five Star Columbia!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

FxPro vs Columbia

Both sides managed to win their opening game, Columbia against Supernova and FxPro vs IQ Option. As a result, this was a crucial game between the two teams most importantly for psychological reasons as it is still the beginning of the season.
Columbia managed to gain the lead from the first half with 0-2 however this would not be the case if their goalkeeper didn’t make some excellent saves securing the clean sheet for Columbia.
At the second half Columbia scored another three goals despite the fact that FxPro lost some more chances too.
A 5-0 victory boosts the confidence of Columbia players for the next game whereas FxPro must try to convert their chances into goals and be more cohesive defensively in order to gain some points at the following matches.

A Fair Draw At An Interesting Game!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Supernova vs Interbricks

Two of the new entries, Supernova and Interbricks, faced each other at an important game for both. Supernova has lost its opening match against Columbia whereas Interbricks was coming from a big victory on Ufx.
A close, goalless first half showed that the game would have been decided on details. Indeed, this was the case in the second half. Supernova opened the score with a fantastic goal by George Tatsis with an ideal bicycle kick. A goal that has high chances despite the fact that is still the second round to be the best goal of the season.
Interbricks though didn’t give up and managed to equalize with Tasos Xristofi securing a point.
A fair result which takes Interbricks to second place having four points whereas this was the first point of Supernova.

Ready For Round 2!

The second round of Spring-Summer 2019 SoGoFootball League will take place on Monday 8th of April with three important matches to be played.
The first 7:30 pm game is between Ufx and IQ Option. Ufx lost their opening match with 4-1 opposed to Interbrics whereas IQ Option lost on details with 4-3 against FxPro by receiving two late goals. We expect an open and interesting game to be played.
Two new entries, Supernova and Interbrics will face each other on the other game that will take place at 7:30 pm. Supernova lost on Thursday with 6-4 against Columbia and on the other hand, Interbrics managed the highest scoring victory with 4-1 on UFX. Both sides scored four goals, a statistic which may predict the offensive philosophy that they will follow at the second round too.
The last match is among FxPro and Columbia, the two teams, despite their defensive problems at their opening game, both managed high scoring wins. FxPro with 4-3 on IQ Option with the two late goals showed that they will not give up easily and Columbia will also aim to their second victory after the 6-4 win against Supernova at the opening round.

Good luck to all teams!         

Kicking Off The Season In Style!

IQ Option vs FxPro

It was the game between a team that has participated in the last season IQ Option and a new entry FxPro. As in all first matches of any league no predictions could be made. Despite the latter, both teams fought for the win until the last second of the game and followed an offensive philosophy with no intention to make any delays.
The score at the first half was level at 1-1. At the second half, a really interesting game took place with FxPro scoring three goals whereas IQ Option twice, with the final score being 4-3 for FxPro. However, this would have not been the case if IQ Option didn’t lose their concentration at the final moments of the match as with two minutes to go until the final whistle IQ Option was in front with 3-2, with FxPro scoring two late goals to celebrate the victory. It is important to be mentioned that Peter Aust scored a hat trick after taking advantage of one assist by Lenas Thoma who scored in the last seconds the winning goal for FxPro.

A High Scoring First Victory!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Ufx vs Interbrics

Two new entries, UFX and Interbrics, faced each other in their opening game of the season. Apart from that, it was the first round of the league, the aspect that both teams were new entries was an extra reason to add to the unpredictability of this game.
Interbrics started the match better and by being effective managed to lead the first half by 3 goals to nil of UFX. At the second Interbrics controlled the game with both sides scoring once so Interbrics celebrated their first victory of the season with 4-1 final score.
This must not disappoint UFX as it was the opening game of the season with all the scenarios being possible. What is important is to show character and try to win their next game on Monday against IQ Option. On the other hand Interbrics will play against the other new entry of the league, Supernova.

What A Game!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Supernova vs Columbia

The match between a new entry, Supernova, and an existing participant, Columbia took place. Both teams entered the pitch with no intention to defend where going forward was their only thought in mind. The first half ended in a 2-2 draw and everyone waited for the second half in anxiety and with high expectations from both teams. And they didn’t get disappointed!
The most productive half of the round took place with Supernova scoring twice, however, Columbia was in a great night and by scoring four times won the game with 6-4. The main reason behind that win was the experience that Columbia has gained by participating for the last three seasons in SoGo Football League. On the other hand, Supernova showed that they will be a cohesive side hard to be beaten by any team.
Almost all the players of Columbia had active participation in their goals scored by either scoring, assisting or both,  which shows that teamwork will be a strong weapon in their hands in this league too.