Month: May 2019

The Final Countdown!

The 10th and final round of the league is taking place on Monday 3rd of June with two games.

The most important fixture is between FxPro and Interbrics where the title winner will be decided.
Interbrics are on top almost since the beginning of the league however FxPro have the chance to steal the title from Interbrics with a possible victory. On the other hand, Interbrics will be champions even with a draw.

The other match is between Supernova and Ufx. Both teams have played some beautiful football throughout the season however they have not managed to win more points mostly because of their ineffectiveness. Supernova have the chance to win their first game whereas Ufx want to celebrate their second victory.

Good luck to all teams!

And Now A Victory Away From Winning The League!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

FxPro vs Supernova

FxPro faced Supernova and knew that with a possible win they could have played their last fixture with title-winning hopes.
This motive they had was shown in the pitch from the early moments of the game as FxPro managed to score three goals and conceded none in the first half. This was repeated at the second half too and hence FxPro have now the chance to win the league at their last fixture against Interbrics.

A reference to Peter Aust is needed as he scored a hat trick and also to Onisiforos Georgiou who assisted three goals and scored once.

On the other hand, Supernova fought and gave everything in the game with the final score being harsh for them. However, unfortunately, this is football sometimes as being effective in attack and in defence is what decides the final score.

Fair But Unwanted Result For Both!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Columbia vs Ufx

Ufx, after their high score defeat at their last fixture, wanted to show that they never give up and can celebrate the victory against Columbia.
On the other hand, Columbia wanted three points in order to stay alive in the title race.

Ufx started the game really strongly and by being concentrated and efficient in attack managed to score five goals oppose three of Columbia.
The biggest contribution to their first-half performance was made by Panos Georgiou.

At the second half Columbia woke up and score two more goals however as Ufx scored once with some minutes to go until the final whistle things were looking hard for Columbia team.
There was the turning point of the match though as Edward Vickery was sent off and by playing with 4 players Ufx couldn’t keep the result and conceded a goal giving both teams a point.

Congratulations to the two teams for that competitive match however a special reference to Ufx is essential as by starting the game with five players and finishing it with four showed character and never gave up.

Thursday 9th Round!

Round 9 is taking place on Thursday 30th of May with two matches.

The first game is between FxPro and Supernova.
FxPro are just a point away from the second place and will try to win their game hoping that Columbia will draw or lose at the other fixture. On the other hand, Supernova will play with no pressure and fight for the three points.

At the other match, Columbia will face Ufx and want the victory to keep the 2nd position.
On the contrary, Ufx will play open football and will aim the victory in order to stabilize the team in the fourth place.

See you tomorrow!

The Best Game Of The Season!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Columbia vs Interbrics

An important game between the two teams that are competing for the title took place. Interbrics could have touched the title with a possible win whereas Columbia didn’t have any other option apart from the victory.
And in any other case, this would have been a tight game to have been decided by a goal or two.
Not in SoGoFootball league though and with these two teams playing excellent offensive football offered us probably the best game of the season.

Both teams scored twice in the first half and we expected an interesting second half to take place.
Interbrics was in front with 4-2, Columbia didn’t give up and equalize however a mistake from Marios Nicolaou gave Interbrics the lead again.
With seconds remaining until the final whistle everyone thought the game was over. However, Marios Nicolaou took his revenge for his mistake and by scoring literally at the last second of the game secured a heroic point for Columbia.

With three more games to go and with four points difference Interbrics have to win their two out of three remaining fixtures in order to celebrate the title. On the other hand, Columbia will give everything to win their games with hope Interbrics throw away as many points possible.

And Keep On Scoring!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

FxPro vs UFX

Undoubtedly this is the score of the season and will be extremely hard for this record to be broken in the future.

However, some circumstances were against Ufx.
The fact that Ufx started the game with four players and waited for the fifth late one, along with that FxPro had six more players on the bench gave FxPro an extra advantage.
On the other hand, nothing can downgrade the huge victory of FxPro and by scoring nine goals at the first half along with four at the second celebrated the win that stabilizes the team at the third place and takes them even closer to the second position.

Lenas Thoma, Yuri Evpak and Onisiforos Georgiou were the three players of FxPro to make the difference by all three scoring a hat trick in addition to assisting several goals.

FxPro are just a point away from the second place and will give everything to achieve it at their remaining fixtures. On the contrary, we are sure that Ufx will be much more competitive at their next games and after having all of their players back will never give up as they did up to now.

Round 8 on the go!

Two crucial games compose the 8th round of SoGoFootball League.

The first is between the two top teams of the table, Interbrics and Columbia.
Interbrics are four points ahead and with a possible win will be almost impossible to lose the title. On the other hand, Columbia want to win this game in order to shorten the distance from the top to one point and put pressure on Interbrics at their remaining fixtures.

At the other match, FxPro will face Ufx.
FxPro will try to take the victory and by taking advantage of the result of the other game to shorten the distance from the top two positions.
Ufx want to double up their victories and target even higher at the remaining of the season.

Good luck to all teams!

An Important Win In Style!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Columbia vs FxPro

Two great teams, Columbia and FxPro, faced each other in an important game for both.
On the one hand, Columbia wanted the three points to stay one point from the top of the table whereas FxPro wanted to win this match in order to shorten the distance from the second place and see future in greater optimism.

The first half saw FxPro making their best performance up to now and by being super effective offensively managed to score five goals whereas Columbia one.
At the second half and with the difference in the score being four goals it gave the advantage to Fx Pro to play safe and with no pressure.
Columbia scored twice, FxPro three more goals and FxPro celebrated a huge victory.

Lenas Thoma with a hat trick was the man of the match but a special reference to Andreas Kyprianou and Onisiforos Georgiou is essential as both scored twice too.

What A Game!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Interbrics vs Supernova

Interbrics being on top of the table, faced Supernova who despite playing some amazing football up to now they had unluckily not celebrated a victory.

The first half started and Interbrics by scoring three goals were 3-0 ahead. But what an amazing game took place on the second half proving that football is the king of sports!
Supernova with a great come back managed to equalize the game. After that anything was possible however Interbrics found the power to score a late goal and celebrate the victory.

The three points went to Interbrics however huge congratulations go to Supernova as they showed great courage and character proving one more time that they never give up no matter the circumstances during the game. We are sure that this is what they will do on their next game.

On the other hand, Interbrics are unbeaten, on the top of the table four points clear to Columbia but with three more rounds until the end, they need the continue fighting like warriors, as they did up to now, in order to celebrate the title.

Ready For The 7th Round!

Round 7 is taking place on Monday the 20th of May with two crucial games.

Interbrics will play against Supernova. After climbing on the top of the table they want to win again in order to stay there. On the other hand, Supernova will fight as they always do but they hope this time they are more effective in attack and luckier so they can celebrate the victory.

The other match is between Columbia and FxPro.
Columbia saw Interbrics last week throwing them away of the first position and hence they are only looking for the victory to stay close to Interbrics and in case they are lucky to jump again on the top of the table.

FxPro with a possible win they will shorten the distance from the second place to three points and with three more rounds until the end anything is possible.

Good luck to all teams!

RCB – Internal Tournament 2019

On Saturday 11th of May, the football tournament of RCB took place. We would like to thank RCB company for choosing SoGoFootball to organize this special football day for them for the second year in a row. In addition, we will be next to RCB to help them in any football event they would like to organize in the future too.
The security team of the company was the winner of the tournament but we would like to congratulate all teams for contributing to this beautiful football day!

Keep On Scoring And Leading The League!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Interbrics vs Ufx

Interbrics faced Ufx in an important match for both sides as they wanted to celebrate another victory after last week’s one.
Interbrics were super effective in the first minutes of the match and by scoring two early goals throw Ufx off their game and made it very hard to get back.
However, Ufx didn’t give up and fought like warriors until the end of the game but unfortunately, they didn’t finalise many chances they had. The two goals for Ufx scored Panos Georgiou who was the best player of his team that day.

On the other hand, Interbrics scored the majority of their opportunities and by having Tasos Xristofi and Kiriakos Irodotou on an outstanding form, with both scoring a hat trick, managed to celebrate an important victory.
It is important to be mentioned that all of Interbrics players have actively contributed to their nine goals scored by either scoring, assisting or both, which shows that teamwork is among the strong qualities of that team.

Interbrics are now on top of the table and see the future in an optimism whereas Ufx need to come back to victories next week in order to show that this was just an unlucky result and night for them.

6th Round – The Second Leg

On Monday, May 13th, the round 6th begins the second leg with two important games taking place.

Interbrics face Ufx in a high importance match, especially after last week’s results.
Both teams are coming from a victory and will aim to redo that result for different reasons.
Interbrics will fight for the win in order to stay on top of the table whereas Ufx want to double up their victories and go to six points.

The other match is between Columbia and Supernova. Columbia have seen the top changing hands since last week and hence they will aim to first win their game and then hope to loss of points by Interbrics in order to jump again on the first position.
On the other hand, Supernova want to break their unluckiness, be cohesive defensively and by being effective in attack to take the three points.

Good luck to all teams!

‘Being Effective’ = ‘Reaching The Top’!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Interbrics vs FxPro

Despite still being the fourth round of the league an important match between Interbrics and FxPro took place with both sides knowing that the winner would have reached the top of the table.
It was exactly as we expected it. A close, tight game at the first half with the two teams proving their statistically best defensive line of the league whereas on the second half both sides have actively fought for the victory.

After a goalless first half, FxPro managed to open the score at the beginning of the second half and then a crazy game followed. FxPro lost chances to go two goals clear, they didn’t, and then Interbrics with outstanding effectiveness hit the back of the net three times with Tasos Xristofi scoring twice and Filippos Filippou once.
FxPro scored again to make it 3-2 however that wasn’t enough as they run out of time too and hence Interbrics celebrated their most important victory up to now by which they are now on top of the table with a point clear to Columbia.

The run for the title will be hard and we expect that the trophy will change hands several times before the Champions can hold it high!

Top Class Performance!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Ufx vs Supernova

Ufx and Supernova faced each other and everyone expected a tight game to take place due to the fact that both teams had not celebrated the victory at their first three matches.

However, Ufx with a top-class performance in both halves left Supernova no chance to breathe and managed their first victory in a great night for them. Although Jacek Pawlowski with four goals and one assist was the MVP of the game, a special reference to Edward Vickery has to be made as this was his first match with Ufx and showed that with his quality the team can see brighter days. Edward has also scored a goal with the rest two coming from Panos Georgiou.

Supernova has tried and fought to get something from the game but unluckily for them, Ufx was on an outstanding form, their best performance by far in the first four rounds, and hence Supernova need to play with even greater cohesion and motivation at their next game to celebrate the victory.

We Are Back!

SoGoFootball League is back after the Easter holidays on Monday, May 6th with two games taking place.

Ufx is facing Supernova with both teams having played open football and scored some quality goals at their last three matches, with their defensive strategy though being their main weakness.
A possible win will be the first victory for any of the two sides which is an extra motive and challenge for both teams.

The second match is between Interbrics and FxPro. A victory for any team that will achieve it will automatically take it to the top of the table – If FxPro wins will be on first place equal on points along with Columbia – which makes this game even more interesting. Both teams have the second best-attacking line having scored 11 goals in 3 games and they have also the first and second best defence respectively too. This statistic predicts a tight game to take place and details to decide the final score.

We are sure that two exciting games will be played!
Good luck to all teams!