Month: July 2019

Welcome to Elite Business League – Season 4

SoGoFootball LTD is a company based in Limassol, Cyprus and it specializes in organizing the amateur football league and football events for all businesses and institutions.

The new Autumn/Winter 2019 Season is starting on Monday,  September 16th 2019.

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And The Cup Goes To… FxPro!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

FxPro vs RCB

The final between FxPro and RCB was a final to be decided by details. Two great teams that deserved to be at this game were both cohesive defensively and it was evident that a chance, a goal would have decided the winner.

The first half was level at 1-1 and both teams had 20 more minutes in order to win this game and hence the trophy.
No team risked a lot and as time was passing whoever scored would have lifted the cup.
FxPro was the team to be more effective and by scoring their chance in addition to keeping the clean sheet managed to win the match with 2-1.

Congratulations to FxPro as SoGofootball Summer Cup Winners 2019!

At this point, we would like to congratulate RCB too as great finalists and also all teams that have participated in this competition.

SoGoFootball wishes you happy summer holidays!

The Final Countdown

The big Summer Cup 2019 Final takes place on Thursday the 4th of July at 8 pm.

FxPro and RCB are the two cup finalists and will both give everything to win this trophy.

Two teams that deserve to be one step from winning the Cup as they proved themselves as the most cohesive sides throughout the cup competition.

Good luck to FxPro and RCB and may the best side to win the trophy!

At this point, SoGoFootball would like to thank all eight teams that have participated at Summer Cup 2019 and made this competition interesting and exciting.


(Fx) Pro At Penalties!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
FxPro213; (Penalties 2)Win
Exness213; (Penalties 1)Loss

Fx Pro vs Exness

What an amazing game! What a tough and exciting semi-final was that!

FxPro and Exness proved as very hard to be beaten as they were both effective in attack and cohesive defensively.

The first half was more open compared to the second and both teams managed to score twice.
It was evident that at the second half FxPro and Exness would have been more careful as a mistake would have been enough to decide the winner. No side did something different to the other, they scored another goal each and with the score at 3-3, the game penalties would have decided which team would have proceeded to the Cup final.

At penalties, the team with the greater concentration or sometimes the luckier is the one to win. This side was proved to be FxPro as they scored twice oppose to one successful attempt of Exness.

Congratulations though go not only to the winning side but to Exness too for making this game the most exciting one in the SoGo Summer Cup 2019 up to now.

RCB To The Final!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

RaboMarkets vs RCB

RCB is the other cup finalist after managing to win the semi-final against Rabomarkets.
A victory though that anything else but easy can be characterized. Rabomarkets proved themselves as a tough side and lost this game just on details.

First half was even at 2-2 with the second half to be the one to decide which team would have proceeded to the big final.

A goal by Ilya Voronov was enough for RCB to win the match and hence the ticket to the final as they also managed to keep the clean sheet.

Congratulations to RCB for participating to the final on Thursday against FxPro but also well done to Rabomarkets for their decent presence and great games at the cup competition.