About League

The organizer of the Elite Business League is SoGoFootball Ltd company whose offer is addressed to all companies and institutions.

The Business League organized by Sogofootball is addressed to all amateur fans of football and is not allowed for professional football players. Its participants can not be competitors (even if they are employees of the company and registered for the competition), who at the start of and during the Business League is nominated for Cyprus League I, II.  An individual who has participated in any football professional league can not participate in our Sogofootball Business League for 5 years after their last professional game.

  • Football matches played once a week after 7 pm (In exceptional cases, it may be required to play more than once).
  • Each team will play twice against each opponent (match and revenge layout)
  • Professional football pitches with artificial grass: dimensions approximately 40m x 20m; 2m x 3m goals.
  • Playing time: 2×20 min. with 5 min break in between.
  • The team consists of a maximum of 20 players: 5 players on the pitch (4 in field+ 1 goalkeeper).
  • Minimum of 10 teams in the League
  • 18 weeks competition: four months of playing in 1 season
  • 2 seasons/year;  Spring/Summer and  Autumn/Winter
  • Qualified referees and games coordinators
  • Promotions and relegations
  • Just corporate teams