And Keep On Scoring In Style!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option156Win

IQ Option (O) vs BDS

IQ Option Orange and BDS were both in a good shape coming from a win at their last game. It was clearly a must-win match for both teams as IQ Option Orange wanted to stay on top along with Kainari FC and on the other hand, BDS was aiming to get the three points and start 2019 with even higher goals.

The first half was competitive, both teams defended well and scored a goal each. Everyone was looking for a tough second half where the game would have been decided by a mistake or two.

However, IQ Option Orange entered the pitch highly motivated, scored five goals and clearly showed the reason they are among the best teams of the league with high-quality players. The fact that all IQ Option Orange players apart from the goalkeeper had active participation in their six goals with either scoring, assisting or both prove the latter.

BDS are now nine points away from the top two teams however with six more games to be played anything is possible.

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