As We Have Completed The First Series Of Games…

As we have completed the first series of games and all teams have played against everyone, now is the chance for teams to evaluate their journey so far. It is also a great opportunity to improve and ‘get back’ on any team they now know more about. Anything can happen now as all teams know each other well and we expect them to be more prepared for each game.

Starting from this week, where teams will face each other for the second time. Teams on the top of the table will look to secure points to stay in the leading positions; while teams closer to the bottom side of the league will want to move up by adding points to their tally.

On an individual basis now, Konstantinos Odisseos seems to be first and clear on the Top Scorers board, while it is much more tight on the Assists board. We must point out Aleksei Zaitsenkov who is the only player to feature on the top 5 positions on both boards. Some players will need to do better if they want to improve their personal rank, and in return help their team improve as a whole.

We expect a lot more surprises in the league as the best is yet to come!

We wish the teams all the best for the next round!

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