As We Head Into The Next Round…

As we head into the next round we look forward to the exciting fixtures that this week will have.

Only two games will be played this week as the IQ Option internal “battle” is postponed. Kainari FC with 13 points on the top of the league will go head to head with BDS who sit right behind them with 10 points. It is easy to see how important this match is as BDS have been waiting for this game for a very long time, as they will not only try and win to go top of the league but also get back after losing their first match against Kainari FC. After their first loss last week, on the other hand, Kainari FC will be more determined than ever to win and show to everyone why they are joint first so far.

In the other game of the night, RCB and Columbia will want to take advantage of the other game and move closer to the top with a win, also increasing the distance with their rivals below them.

It will be another fascinating week; we cannot wait till Monday!

Good luck to all teams!

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