Back At The Top!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Kainari FC145Win
IQ Option224Loss

Kainari FC vs IQ Option (O)

A game for the record books with plenty of goals and super attacking football. Everyone present enjoyed a fantastic display and an open game from the two sides. It was clear why these two teams are top of the table.

IQ Option Orange started the game stronger and finished the first half in the lead 2-1. The chances kept coming and going and we were up for a thriller. Kainari FC kept their cool in front of goal and managed to turn things around and win the match! It was so close and could’ve gone either way.

This means we now have a change in the top of the table and Kainari FC are back in the leading position. IQ Option Orange will be happy with their appearance despite their defeat and will fight for the championship till the very end.


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