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A Cup Final For The Record Books!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option123Loss

Exness vs IQ Option 4-3

The players arrived early at the stadium to prepare themselves for the big game. The tension was visible and they couldn’t wait to get started.

The final started on time and Exness scored with just seconds to go, with Ivan Parasidis taking advantage of Denis Parasidis’ assist. IQ Option took charge after that and dominated the game, missing a few chances in the process. Aleksey Zaytsenkov warned Exness with a few missed chances but finally equalised with a long-range shot. That was the score for the first half.

The second half started with a lot of stress and mistakes from both sides. Exness took advantage of a few opportunities given to them and took a 3 -1 lead. Their scorers were Aleksey Kokhanov and Sergey Khilenko. IQ Option goalkeeper was suspended with a red card which made things extremely difficult for the “Oranges”. But they were not willing to give up. They eventually decreased the score deficit with Bernardo Silva and leveled the score in injury time with a fantastic solo effort from Aleksey Zaitsenkov.

The game was over and the winner was going to be decided in the penalty shootout.

IQ Option missed all 3 of their penalties and Exness scored just one which proved enough to give them the win! Denis Popovkin’s winning penalty meant the dancing and singing for Exness had begun!
What a dramatic final! Well done to both teams for their excellent behaviour and providing us with fantastic suspense during the game. We would also like to thank all fans for coming to watch.

Congratulations to Exness on winning the cup!

A great surprise was up at the ceremony since ex-Polish and Apoel FC striker Marcin Zewlakow was our guest of honor and gave both teams their medals.

We hope you all enjoyed our Cup and we look forward to your participation next year!



Cup 2017 Final! – IQ Option vs Exness

The first ever SogoFootball Business Elite Cup Final will be held on Friday 7th July at 20:15. The game will be held at Kalogeropoulio stadium.

The finalists IQ Option and Exness have been waiting for this moment for some time now and have fully prepared themselves both physically and mentally.
Both team captains have made the necessary changes on Monday in order to rest some players in order for their team to be match fit for the final.

We would like to invite everyone to come and watch this exciting fixture and support the players involved.
We are sure that it will be a tough game since both teams have improved over the season and they have kept their eyes on the trophy for a while now.
May the best team win!

And The Teams That Progress To The Cup Final Are…

The end of the semifinals saw Exness and IQ Option pair up for the Cup Final!

Exness played well to win RCB bank 9-1 in the first match in a game that didn’t provide any shocks. RCB appeared with many absences but Exness played their best all the way to the end. Now they await the match against Columbia on Monday for the league in a must-win encounter for them.
Surely tonight’s semifinal wasn’t the best of tests for them, but they showed that they are one of the highest scoring teams and always play attacking the football. RCB, on the other hand, did their best but fell short of energy. Now they look towards the last two games of the league with interest, as they will try to avoid the last place at the end of the season.


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

In the second semifinal, favorites Columbia fell short of enthusiasm and lost to IQ Option who played one of their best games, managing to progress to the final. IQ Option, in their highest scoring game, showed that they deserve a better place in the league. They will try to finish third in the league while they prepare themselves for the Cup Final.
Columbia came to the game with many absences and IQ Option was not willing to forgive them for this. They played well and didn’t allow Columbia to believe in qualification at any point.
Columbia now looks only at Monday night’s match to seal the Championship with a win. The final score was 7-1 for IQ Option.


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option257Win


Cup Semifinals Ready To Begin!

All set for the semifinals to start. Both games will be played at 7.45 and the build up to the games is fascinating. The two matches are as follows:

Columbia vs IQ Option

RCB  vs Exness

On paper, both matches have a favorite to win, but in the cup, anything can happen and all players will play to the final whistle!

We hope to see everyone play at their best, always with a sporting manner and gentlemen behaviour.

Everybody has their eyes set on the trophy but only two can progress to the final.

Good luck to all teams! May the best teams win!

Quarterfinal Results

The first stage of the SogoFootball Elite Cup has been completed tonight with the following results.

Columbia 8-0 BD Swiss
IQ Option 3-0 XM2 (did not show up)
Exness 4-4 XM1 (Exness win 2-0 on penalties)

The semi-finals will be played next Friday and both games will start at 20:15. The games will be:

RCB – Exness
Columbia – IQ Option

Now the lights are back to the League with the next matches being played on Monday as normal.



Cup Starts Today!

So the highly awaited Cup starts tonight with three very interesting match ups underway.
A lot of teams see this as their chance to win some silverware after falling behind in the League table. Teams that had a shaky start to the League and couldn’t catch up despite their improvement can start fresh and progress to the next round! On the other hand, the League’s top-ranked two teams Columbia and Exness are already eyeing the double!

We expect all teams to behave in their usual sportsmanship manner and try to win on the pitch fair and square!

Good luck to everyone!

Cup – Draw

So after the cup draw today the quarterfinals are as follows:

RCB qualifies without playing
Exness – XM 1
Columbia – BDSwiss
IQ Option – XM 2

At this point we would like to thank our special guests Mr. Bernd Stange, Mr. Freddie John Paul and Mr.Zafiris for their presence at our draw.

For the Cup only, each team is allowed to add 2 more players, providing they work in their company.

Also, in the case of a draw at the end of a knockout match, there is no extra time, and the game will head straight to penalty shootout. Each team will take 3 penalties. After that, if we still have a draw, then we will follow the process of “sudden death”.

Good luck to all teams!



SoGoFootball would like to announce that Mr.Bernd Stange former coach of the national teams of East Germany, Iraq, Singapore, Belarus as well as Apollon Limassol of Cyprus; will be joining us all on Monday 12th June 2017 at 20:35, at the Kalogeropoulio Stadium where there will be a draw for the SoGoFootball Elite Business Cup.

Cup 2017!

We would like to inform you that on Monday 12th June 2017 at 20:35, at the Kalogeropoulio Stadium there will be a draw for the SoGoFootball Elite Business Cup!
The knockout matches will start with the quarterfinals on Friday 16th June, followed by the semifinals that will take place on Friday 23rd June and the Final on the 7th July.
Please note that these matches are separate from the Elite Business League. Therefore both yellow and red cards are not transferrable from either competition. Any team that confirms participatation in the SoGoFootball Cup automatically agrees with the all the rules and regulations of the SoGoFootball League.