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And The Cup Goes To… FxPro!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

FxPro vs RCB

The final between FxPro and RCB was a final to be decided by details. Two great teams that deserved to be at this game were both cohesive defensively and it was evident that a chance, a goal would have decided the winner.

The first half was level at 1-1 and both teams had 20 more minutes in order to win this game and hence the trophy.
No team risked a lot and as time was passing whoever scored would have lifted the cup.
FxPro was the team to be more effective and by scoring their chance in addition to keeping the clean sheet managed to win the match with 2-1.

Congratulations to FxPro as SoGofootball Summer Cup Winners 2019!

At this point, we would like to congratulate RCB too as great finalists and also all teams that have participated in this competition.

SoGoFootball wishes you happy summer holidays!

The Final Countdown

The big Summer Cup 2019 Final takes place on Thursday the 4th of July at 8 pm.

FxPro and RCB are the two cup finalists and will both give everything to win this trophy.

Two teams that deserve to be one step from winning the Cup as they proved themselves as the most cohesive sides throughout the cup competition.

Good luck to FxPro and RCB and may the best side to win the trophy!

At this point, SoGoFootball would like to thank all eight teams that have participated at Summer Cup 2019 and made this competition interesting and exciting.


(Fx) Pro At Penalties!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
FxPro213; (Penalties 2)Win
Exness213; (Penalties 1)Loss

Fx Pro vs Exness

What an amazing game! What a tough and exciting semi-final was that!

FxPro and Exness proved as very hard to be beaten as they were both effective in attack and cohesive defensively.

The first half was more open compared to the second and both teams managed to score twice.
It was evident that at the second half FxPro and Exness would have been more careful as a mistake would have been enough to decide the winner. No side did something different to the other, they scored another goal each and with the score at 3-3, the game penalties would have decided which team would have proceeded to the Cup final.

At penalties, the team with the greater concentration or sometimes the luckier is the one to win. This side was proved to be FxPro as they scored twice oppose to one successful attempt of Exness.

Congratulations though go not only to the winning side but to Exness too for making this game the most exciting one in the SoGo Summer Cup 2019 up to now.

RCB To The Final!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

RaboMarkets vs RCB

RCB is the other cup finalist after managing to win the semi-final against Rabomarkets.
A victory though that anything else but easy can be characterized. Rabomarkets proved themselves as a tough side and lost this game just on details.

First half was even at 2-2 with the second half to be the one to decide which team would have proceeded to the big final.

A goal by Ilya Voronov was enough for RCB to win the match and hence the ticket to the final as they also managed to keep the clean sheet.

Congratulations to RCB for participating to the final on Thursday against FxPro but also well done to Rabomarkets for their decent presence and great games at the cup competition.

Ready For The Semifinal!

Two important matches compose SoGoFootball Summer Cup 2019 Semifinals which are taking place on Monday 1st of July at 8 pm.

The first game is between FxPro and Exness.
FxPro managed to win and pass the obstacle of Interbrics whereas Exness proceeded to semi-finals after the victory against Columbia.
Both teams follow an attacking philosophy and hence we expect an open and interesting game to be played.

At the other semifinal game RCB face Rabomarkets.
RCB won their ticket to semifinals after a big victory on Ufx with 6-1 and on the other hand, Rabomarkets celebrated a great win on Supernova with 5-1 in order to be at this stage.
A tough match between the two sides will be decided on details according to our predictions of what the teams showed us up to now.

All four teams are a game away before reaching the big final of the cup tournament and hence they need to be really concentrated as a mistake or two may cost the ticket to the final.

At this point, we would like to remind the players of fair play and respect to each other and wish them all the best.

Good luck to all four teams!

Five Minutes Of Exness Madness!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Exness vs Columbia

A balanced and exciting game took place between Exness and Columbia.
The first half was equal and with both teams scoring twice, showed that details will decide the winner in the second half.

However, five minutes were enough for Exness as they took advantage of the fact that Columbia have lost their concentration, scored three goals and hence it was impossible not to take the victory and go through to the semi-finals.

Nikolay Levashkin scored twice, with Genandy Penzar , Vitaly Ledovsky , Denis Popovkin and Vadim Karpovich scoring once proving that teamwork is among the strong weapons of Exness.

Six-Star RCB!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

RCB vs Ufx

Despite the high scoring victory of RCB, it was a hard game for the winning team.
At the first half a tight and tough game took place with RCB leading the score with 1-0.

RCB needed to work hard at the second half and that work paid off as they scored five beautiful goals to win their ticket to cup semi finals.
It was evident that RCB was in a better physical condition than Ufx which helped them to reach that result at the end of the match.
For the winning side, Vadim Sadykov and Ilya Voronov scored twice with the rest goals coming from Igor Gul and Gleb Solovjev.

Congratulations to Ufx too as they never gave up and fought until the last minute of the game.

Revenge Taken!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

FxPro vs Interbrics

FxPro managed to take the revenge from Interbrics for the loss of the championship title and to progress into cup semi finals.

FxPro started the first half really strong, scored three times and by conceding just a goal made things difficult for Interbrics.
However, Interbrics did not give up and they could have even taken the game into penalties if Filippos Filippou was more accurate and scored his big chance at the last moments of the match.

Overall it was an interesting game with both teams controlling the game in each half each but details were in favor of FxPro helping them to proceed to semi-finals.



Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

RoboMarkets vs Supernova

Robomarkets was the fourth team to win and hence participate at the semi-final on Monday.
The game against Supernova started well for Rabomarkets as they managed to lead the score at the end of the first half with 2-0.

Despite the high score victory at the second half where they scored three more goals and conceded just one, every goal of Robomarkets came after hard work due to the tough defensive line and tactic of Supernova.

However, Supernova were not effective in attack and by the time Robomarkets managed to break their defence and score five times it was impossible for Supernova to come back to the game.

Congratulations to Rbomarkets for being at the semi-finals and to Supernova for being real warriors throughout all their games at the cup competition.

Quarterfinal Games On The Go!

The group stage is over and now the most exciting part of SoGoFootball Summer Cup 2019 starts. Knock out games are taking place on Monday 24th of June where no second chance is given to teams.
The winners go to the next round whereas the defeated teams finish the competition!

FxPro who won all their three games at Group A face Interbrics that won the league however finished on the bottom of Group B.

Rabomarkets will play against Supernova.
Both teams have shown that they are capable of the best. Rabomarkets were the runners up of Group A whereas Supernova finished as third at Group B.

The other game is between Exness that finished Group B as second and Columbia that were third at the table of Group A.

Last we have the match of the winners of
Group B RCB against Ufx who despite being on the bottom of Group B are fighting like warriors at all of their games.

It is important to note that in case there is a draw at the end of the match penalties will decide the winner. Each team will kick three penalties and if there is still a draw then the teams will be taking a penalty each until we have a winner.

*Please note that Fair Play is considered by SoGoFootball as very important, hence respect each other!

Good luck to all eight teams!


A Tough Game Decided On Details!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Supernova vs Exness

The third game of the 3rd Cup round took place between Supernova and Exness.
Supernova started the game better and managed to score first however Exness scored twice and finished the first half winning with 2-1.
2-1 for Exness was the score of the second half too and hence the three points and the second place of the group went to Exness with Supernova finishing as the third.

Denis Popovkin was the MVP of the game as he scored a hat trick and helped his team Exness to celebrate that important victory.

What An Exciting Game!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Ufx vs Columbia

The 3rd round started on Thursday, 20 of June at 7.30 pm, with the match between Ufx and Columbia.
Columbia started the game really strongly and by being super effective in attack with Marios Shittas and Dimitru Jelavschii they managed to score three goals and conceded none in the first half.
Everybody expected a second half where Columbia would have controlled the game and take an easy win. However, Ufx proved themselves as real warriors once again, scored three goals and lost the match on details with 4-3.
Columbia finished the table as third whereas Ufx fourth.

Great Performance And Tactic.


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Rabomarkets vs FxPro

RoboMarkets faced FxPro at a match that would have decided the winner of Group A.
A tough first half took place with both teams scoring once. It was obvious that the game would have been decided on details in the second half. And this was the case!

FxPro managed to score two late goals and by having Onisiforos Georgiou on a great form – he scored twice and assisted one goal – won the game and hence the first place in the group.
It was a victory mainly due to the experience of FxPro as they participated in previous competitions of SoGoFootball league compared to Robomarkets who are participating for the first time.

Cup Round 3 On The Go!

SoGoFootball Summer Cup 2019 continues on Thursday 20th of June with four games taking place.

For Group A, Ufx will face Columbia with both teams needing the three points after their unsuccessful attempts at their first two fixtures.
The other game of Group B is between the leading teams of the table, Rabomarkets and FxPro. No side will compromise with anything less than the victory in order to prove themselves as the best team of the group.

Group B matches compose of Supernova vs Exness in addition to RCB vs Interbrics.
Supernova want to double up their victories after their super result against Interbrics on Monday whereas Exness will aim for their first win in the cup competition.
At the other game, RCB wants the three points in order to stay on top of the table. On the other hand, Interbrics as fair champions of the SoGoFootball League want this match to be their first win in the cup competition.

Good luck to all teams!

Another Three Points And Top Of The Table!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

RCB vs Exness

The match between RCB and Exness was the one to decide who will be on top of the table of Group B.
A tight game took place in the first half with both teams scoring once. An exciting second half would have decided the final result and possible winner with all scenarios being open.

RCB was more effective and by scoring twice oppose to conceding one goal, they managed to get the victory and jump on top of the table.

Exness have once again proved themselves as a cohesive side and have lost on details. They only need to be more careful when defending in addition to more effective in attack.

Let’s see what the next round brings!

Super Supernova!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Interbrics vs Supernova

Supernova have shown, at the league competition too, that they fight all games despite that at many occasions they have been ineffective and unlucky at the end. They have lost their first round cup match on details, they were playing against the champions of the last league competition however these facts were no obstacles for them.

By scoring twice in the first half, Supernova showed how much they wanted to win this game.
At the second half, Interbrics played offensive football, gave everything and managed to score two goals with Grigoris Pikis and Gavrilis Georgiou. However, a goal by no13 Savvas Karasavas was enough to give Supernova an important victory which at the end of the day they deserved.
This was the first win of Supernova, at 13th of June which proved to be a lucky number for them!

Supernova have now three points whereas Interbrics one.
The next round will be crucial for both sides as the table may change again according to the results of the matches.

A Five Star FxPro!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Ufx vs FxPro

FxPro faced Ufx at a game where both teams wanted the three points at the second round of SoGoFootball Cup.
Both teams played open and offensive football in the first half. Ufx managed to score twice showing that their attack is effective however by conceding four goals in twenty minutes proved again that their defensive strategy needs improvement.
However, Ufx played the whole game with five players without any substitute player which was undoubtedly a disadvantage for them.
At the second half, FxPro controlled the match scored another one goal and once again they proved that they will go far in this competition.
Onisiforos Georgiou scored twice with Peter Aust, Mina Ibrahim and Gavriil Doratis all scoring once showing that teamwork is among the strong qualities of this team.
The third round will be played next Thursday and despite the results of the first two rounds both teams need to be concentrated and fight for the victory.

Thursday’s 2nd Round

SoGoFootball Summer Cup 2019 continues on Thursday 13th of June with four important matches.

The first game of Group A is between RoboMarkets vs Columbia. RoboMarkets wants to double up their victories in cup whereas Columbia need to win in order to forget the bad performance on Monday and look forward in optimism.
At the second match of Group A Ufx who lost on Monday faces FxPro that comes from a great victory. Both teams will fight for the three points and will not compromise with anything less than that.

Two games will also take place for Group B.
At the first one, Interbrics will play against Supernova and both teams want the three points after their unsuccessful attempt to win their first cup game.
The second match of Group B is between RCB and Exness. RCB want to double up their victories after their dramatic win against Supernova on Monday whereas Exness will try to get their first three points after the draw at their first fixture.

Good luck to all teams!

And Keep On Scoring!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

UFX vs Rabomarkets

Rabomarkets as a new team was unknown to Ufx but also they didn’t know how Ufx plays.
This fact didn’t let them back of not playing offensively from the first minute of the game.

By scoring 5 goals at the first half they couldn’t have lost this match. However, they continued at the same tempo, scored another 5 goals at the second half and despite conceding two they won their first game with a final score of 10-2.
Andreas Castora was the man of the match as he scored 5 goals and assisted 1.

Rabomarkets though, need to stay concentrated for the next matches as surprises are always happening in SoGoFootball competitions.

On the other hand this result must not disappoint Ufx as in two days they need to be fit and motivated for their second cup game.

Fair Draw In A Fantastic Game!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Interbrics vs Exness

Exness faced Interbrics in the first cup game for both teams. Interbrics as champions they were motivated and confident however Exness showed that they will be a cohesive team that can achieve anything in this competition.
It is important to note that Interbrics played all the game with five players what was a disadvantage for them and hence an advantage for Exness.

At the first half, both teams scored twice and hence an exciting second half was going to be played. The two teams showed that they are equally good offensively and defensively and managed to score one goal each which ended the game in a draw. A fair result we can say!

Exness and Interbrics got a point out of this match and see the future in optimism.

FxPro On Fire!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Columbia vs FxPro

FxPro faced Columbia and after losing the championship title last week at this dramatic game against Interbrics we expected their psychology to be down. However, we were wrong!
They started the game in full motivation and managed to score 4 goals in the first half. Without slowing down their tempo, they scored another 3 goals at the second half and hence celebrated their first cup win in an emphatic way.
Mina Ibrahim, Peter Aust and Onisiforos Georgiou scored twice with Lenas Thoma being the scorer of the other goal of FxPro.

Cohesive defence and effective counter-attacks were the tactic that gave the advantage to FxPro.
On the other hand Columbia lost a lot of chances without being effective at all.

Columbia need to see and analyze what went wrong in order to be ready at their next match on Thursday as they want to go far in the cup competition.

An Important Victory At A Dramatic Game!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Supernova vs RCB

Supernova and RCB see the cup competition as a chance to play attacking football and go as far as possible.

Supernova was leading the match with 2-1 and 3-2 and they could have finished the game by scoring and going two goals clear which would have secured the three points for them.

However they lost big chances, RCB took advantage of that, equalized and by scoring a late goal 3 minutes before the final whistle they celebrated an important victory in a dramatic way.
This was undoubtedly the best and most exciting match of the first cup round.

No matter this result, RCB and Supernova need to stay concentrated for their difficult upcoming matches.


Summer Cup 2019 – Round 1

The SoGoFootball Summer Cup 2019 begins on Monday, June 10th.

Summer Cup 2019 – Groups

Group A Group B
Fxpro Interbrics
Columbia Exness
Ufx Supernova
Robomarkets RCB

1st Round Schedule:

7.30 pm Columbia vs Fxpro
7.30 pm Supernova vs RCB
8.30 pm Ufx vs Robomarkets
8.30 pm Interbrics vs Exness

There will be two groups of four teams and they will face each other once.

After that, all teams will play Kick-off games on quarterfinals, semi-finals with the final taking place on 27th of June.

The Leauge Table will show Quarterfinals matches, where the winners of each group will face the team finishing fourth on the opposite group.
In addition, the teams being second on the table will play against the third team of the other group:

Group A Group B
Team A1 Team A2
Team B1 Team B2
Team C1 Team C2
Team D1 Team D2

Team A1 vs Team D2
Team A2 vs Team D1
Team B1 vs Team C2
Team C1 vs Team B2


Please note that from now on no tackles are allowed in order to maximize the chances in preventing any possible injuries.
In addition, when a player gets two yellow cards in different games he will miss the next match.

Good luck to all teams!