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And Keep On Scoring!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

UFX vs Rabomarkets

Rabomarkets as a new team was unknown to Ufx but also they didn’t know how Ufx plays.
This fact didn’t let them back of not playing offensively from the first minute of the game.

By scoring 5 goals at the first half they couldn’t have lost this match. However, they continued at the same tempo, scored another 5 goals at the second half and despite conceding two they won their first game with a final score of 10-2.
Andreas Castora was the man of the match as he scored 5 goals and assisted 1.

Rabomarkets though, need to stay concentrated for the next matches as surprises are always happening in SoGoFootball competitions.

On the other hand this result must not disappoint Ufx as in two days they need to be fit and motivated for their second cup game.

Final Ceremony!

Last night, after the end of the 10th round the final ceremony of SogoFootball Elite Business League took place.

The winners of the league, Interbrics, were given their medals and prizes.
In addition, the best goalscorer Tasos Xristofi from Interbrics with 14 goals and the assist leader Lenas Thoma from  FxPro with 8 assists were given their awards.

At this stage, we would like to thank and congratulate all five teams for their participation and for making this event very successful!

Congratulations Interbrics as fair and unbeaten Champions!

The Final Countdown!

The 10th and final round of the league is taking place on Monday 3rd of June with two games.

The most important fixture is between FxPro and Interbrics where the title winner will be decided.
Interbrics are on top almost since the beginning of the league however FxPro have the chance to steal the title from Interbrics with a possible victory. On the other hand, Interbrics will be champions even with a draw.

The other match is between Supernova and Ufx. Both teams have played some beautiful football throughout the season however they have not managed to win more points mostly because of their ineffectiveness. Supernova have the chance to win their first game whereas Ufx want to celebrate their second victory.

Good luck to all teams!

Thursday 9th Round!

Round 9 is taking place on Thursday 30th of May with two matches.

The first game is between FxPro and Supernova.
FxPro are just a point away from the second place and will try to win their game hoping that Columbia will draw or lose at the other fixture. On the other hand, Supernova will play with no pressure and fight for the three points.

At the other match, Columbia will face Ufx and want the victory to keep the 2nd position.
On the contrary, Ufx will play open football and will aim the victory in order to stabilize the team in the fourth place.

See you tomorrow!

What A Game!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome

Supernova vs Columbia

The match between a new entry, Supernova, and an existing participant, Columbia took place. Both teams entered the pitch with no intention to defend where going forward was their only thought in mind. The first half ended in a 2-2 draw and everyone waited for the second half in anxiety and with high expectations from both teams. And they didn’t get disappointed!
The most productive half of the round took place with Supernova scoring twice, however, Columbia was in a great night and by scoring four times won the game with 6-4. The main reason behind that win was the experience that Columbia has gained by participating for the last three seasons in SoGo Football League. On the other hand, Supernova showed that they will be a cohesive side hard to be beaten by any team.
Almost all the players of Columbia had active participation in their goals scored by either scoring, assisting or both,  which shows that teamwork will be a strong weapon in their hands in this league too.

Roller Coaster!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Kainari FC022Draw
IQ Option (B)112Draw

Kainari FC vs IQ Option (B)

Kainari FC with 6 points was facing IQ Option black who had none, and one would expect a nice a quiet evening. Nobody thought that IQ Option Black would show up better than ever.

The game started with a very slow pace and both teams struggled to attack organized. Defensively, however, they both looked solid and hard to beat.

It wasn’t until the first mistakes from the defenders where we started to see the chances coming from either side. The first goal came for IQ Option Black and set fire to the game. Kainari FC managed to turn the game round and just when they looked like they would clinch the 3 points came the equalizer to give us the first draw of the season.

No team will be happy with the draw, but it was fair and square in the end.

The Top Is Orange!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option314Win

IQ Option vs Columbia

IQ Option Orange wanted their third win in a row and were prepared to do anything to achieve their goal. Columbia on the other hand, showed up ready to destroy that party and got the lead early in the game.

IQ Option Orange were in no shock, however, equalizing quite early. Having Aleksei Zaitsenkov on a great assisting day, Sergey Astakhov on the fantastic scoring form and the goalkeeper Sotiris Panteli who saved many shots and one penalty. The orange team managed to turn the game their way and stay top by themselves in the table.

Columbia gave it their all once again and it’s only a matter of time until they start adding points to their board.