Columbia Comeback!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
IQ Option (B)101Loss

Columbia vs IQ Option (B)

A game between two teams who desperately needed points to get off the bottom of the league. On one side we had Columbia; who were the only team without a point, and on the other IQ Option Black who clinched their first point only last week.

The game was open and both sides looked to attack. They both had chances but Columbia kept their cool in front of goal and got an early lead which they kept until the end of the game. IQ Option Black tried their best to come back but Columbia grew the margin having Marios Shittas on a great scoring evening and Xanthos Kyriacou sharing nice assists. The score opened up in the end and shows Columbia’s fantastic attacking skills but is a bit unfair on IQ Option Black who gave much more than what they got out of the match!

It was a game enjoyed by all due to the high scoring record and now that all teams have points in the league we will have the chance to see more stress-free, fascinating football!

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