Final Ceremony

The last week of the League was played on Monday 3rd of July 2017.
The final standings are as follows:

Spring/Summer 2017 Standings


The Closing Ceremony left everyone happy and this fantastic experience has now come to an end.

We would like to thank Mr. Freddy John Paul who honored us with his presence and for giving the trophies to all the teams for participating and also to the winning teams.

Costas Ioannides of Swiss Markets finished the season as Top Scorer and Stelios Kalopedis of Columbia with Most Assists and both were awarded their trophies on the night by the organiser, Lukasz Sosin.

All referees were also given a thank you gift from the organisers.

The end of the ceremony left Champions Columbia singing and dancing while spilling champagne on each other! Surely moments that will remain in their memories forever! Besides the trophy, winners were also given a t-shirt present from our sponsors JAKO Sportswear.

We would like to thank all teams for their participation and sportsmanship behavior and wish to see you all in the new season which starts in September! Make sure you visit our website over the summer for updates regarding the new season!

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