Goals Here, There And Everywhere!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
XM 2123Loss
Swiss Markets5712Win

XM 2 vs Swiss Markets  3-12

A very open game right from the start, with no signs of defensive strategies from either side. It was clearly going to be a match with a lot of goals.

Costas Ioannides scored 6 goals on the day and moved clear to the top of the Goalscorers list, while Vasilis Koudounas only scored once and fell behind in the race. Only two more games left to see who will finish top, but I think that Swiss Market’s striker has one hand on the trophy already!

The score of the game could have been higher since there were a lot of shots taken on both sides, both on and off target.

The two teams seem to be trying to figure out their strategies for the next season already, as we have seen several players trying out new positions and roles within the field.

6 goals scored on the same match is a record for our League!

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