Ready For Round 2.

After a fascinating first day, we are all ready for round 2. This week we will have one game starting at 19:30 with Kainari FC and BDS both wanting to double up their wins from last week. It is an eagerly anticipated game as both sides have shown signs of great football in their first matches.

The round will finish with 2 games at 20:30 with a battle within the walls of IQ Option as they go head to head. IQ Option Black will want to record their first win against their colleagues as IQ Option Orange will want to make their points 6 and stay at the top of the table.
On the other game, RCB will face Columbia and both teams will want to record their first points on the table. After a difficult start to the new season, we are sure that both teams will appear more prepared for their second match.
Good luck to all teams!

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