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RoboMarkets vs Supernova

Robomarkets was the fourth team to win and hence participate at the semi-final on Monday.
The game against Supernova started well for Rabomarkets as they managed to lead the score at the end of the first half with 2-0.

Despite the high score victory at the second half where they scored three more goals and conceded just one, every goal of Robomarkets came after hard work due to the tough defensive line and tactic of Supernova.

However, Supernova were not effective in attack and by the time Robomarkets managed to break their defence and score five times it was impossible for Supernova to come back to the game.

Congratulations to Rbomarkets for being at the semi-finals and to Supernova for being real warriors throughout all their games at the cup competition.

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