They Proved Themselves!


Team1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
Kainari FC022Loss
IQ Option224Win

Kainari FC vs IQ Option (O)

Knowing that the ranking on the table wouldn’t have changed no matter the result, with Kainari FC being champions and IQ Option Orange runners up, this game apart from the interest for the individual awards was just important in terms of prestige. 
In most of the cases, the runner up has an extra motive to fight and win this game in a way of proving themselves.
This was indeed the case in the Kainari FC vs IQ Option Orange match. IQ Option Orange showed their intentions of winning this game from the first half by scoring two goals. The second half was more balanced with both teams scoring twice with the final score being 4-2 for IQ Option Orange. 
In terms of individual awards through the game was successful for Kainari FC as Konstantinos Odysseos scored a goal and won the top goalscorer award with 26 goals in total. Also, Giannis Pieridis with his final assist helped himself to be the winner of the assist leader run with 10 assists.
We can conclude that these two teams were by far the best of the league with the championship title being decided on details.
Both teams on 34 points, equal on total wins-defeats-draws, the fact that decided the winner of the championship was the 2-1 of wins of Kainari FC to IQ Option Orange at their games between the two sides. 
Well done to both sides!  

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