Top Class Performance!


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Ufx vs Supernova

Ufx and Supernova faced each other and everyone expected a tight game to take place due to the fact that both teams had not celebrated the victory at their first three matches.

However, Ufx with a top-class performance in both halves left Supernova no chance to breathe and managed their first victory in a great night for them. Although Jacek Pawlowski with four goals and one assist was the MVP of the game, a special reference to Edward Vickery has to be made as this was his first match with Ufx and showed that with his quality the team can see brighter days. Edward has also scored a goal with the rest two coming from Panos Georgiou.

Supernova has tried and fought to get something from the game but unluckily for them, Ufx was on an outstanding form, their best performance by far in the first four rounds, and hence Supernova need to play with even greater cohesion and motivation at their next game to celebrate the victory.

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