Update In Regulations Of The League.

Dear participants,

According to our league’s rules and regulations, and specifically part VII. point no.8, company Sogofootball has the right to implement or adjust new rules during the course of the league.

After several complaints, and in our attempt to keep our league strictly an amateur league, we would like to inform you that from today (05.04.2017) we will implement the following rule:
An individual who has participated in any football professional league can not participate in our Sogofootball Business League for 5 years after their last professional game.

At this point, we would also like to inform you that fair play and sportsmanship behavior is expected from all participants, and we would like to see the shaking of hands between opponents, referees, and organizers at the end of each game.

Remember that this league is all about having fun and not solely about winning!
We wish to be a “Gentlemen Elite Business League”

We look forward to seeing you in the Round 4,

SoGoFootball Team

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